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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Grimes Bridge, to Coventry.

Map picture


Coventry Basin 2

Drizzly start again this morning. We passed nb Chance soon after setting off, apparently Jo follows their blog. We arrived at Sutton Stop and one through the lock pulled in at the sanitary station to empty out. Soon after setting off from here we met Roy and his whippet Thomas off of Gerald No.13 walking along the towpath back to the boat which was moored at the junction, apparently.

Jo and I haven’t been to the basin in Coventry for over 6 years, when we first moved onto Misty Lady, and failed to make the lock closure at Atherstone, after buying Misty Lady from ABNB at Crick. We missed the stoppage date by 1 day, so had to hang around waiting for the stoppage to finish, before continuing our journey to Roger Fuller’s boatyard in Stone. Not much has changed on route, apart from the Ricoh Arena being finished, it was still being built in 2005 and a few new housing estates have popped up. Although some of the units here at the basin are empty, there are more being used than when we we last here, which is good.

For those who have never been to Coventry by canal, this map below shows how close the basin is to the city centre, with the Cathedral marked with the lower pin.


Map picture

Tomorrow we will venture into the city which we have been looking forward to since we decided to come here this trip. We especially like the market in Coventry, I will try to get some photos of it for the blog tomorrow. The first time I ever came to Coventry was back in the 1962, soon after the new Cathedral was opened. My father’s job called for him to occasionally work in Coventry, and on this occasion he took us as well by car and dropped us in the city centre whilst he went to do some work, then picked us up when he had finished. I remember being bought a model of a MK10 Jaguar in the market. I couldn’t see one like it for sale in 2005 when we were last here!


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