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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa’s Special Train

Today we walked up to Shackerstone station to see the first of the Santa Special trains they are running for Christmas.


This was the Christmas tree in the station foyer, looking very festive, I bet someone had great fun decorating it.


This was the Victorian Tearoom and the seating outside, again looking very festive. There is a nice collection of teapots behind the counter, but unfortunately the Measham teapots are all replicas.


This was the engine Sir Gomer which was going to be hauling the train.


It was connected to the train, and the firebox was getting a good glow going ready to work.


Then in a large cloud of smoke and steam the train set off, I don’t think there was an empty seat in any of the 6 coaches. Let’s hope they all had a great trip and experience. Jo likes steam engines just as much as I do.


With the train having departed from the station We were able to see the station building on platform 2 which now houses the gift shop.


Once the train had left this type 2 class 25 D5217 (later 25067) was taking on water for the steam heating boiler before shunting coaches through the station, taking good advantage of being able to run round.


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