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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Coventry City

We spent a whole 6 hours today in Coventry. As promised yesterday here is a photo of Coventry market. It is circular and as can be seen part of the purpose built rooftop car parking in Coventry is on top of the market building. This car park is linked to other buildings close by in an experiment to provide city centre car parking without taking up additional ground space, whilst utilising an area which serves no other purpose.


We did most of our shopping before lunch, not that we had a lot to get. Jo upgraded her T-Mobile dongle so she has superfast internet now!


This building which is close to the Cathedral amazingly survived the incendiary bombs on November 14th 1940, unlike many of the buildings in the City centre.


this is the old cathedral which was destroyed on that night.


And this is the new cathedral, the building of which started in 1956 and was completed in 1962. My first visit to the cathedral was soon after it was opened in 1962.


Amazingly the tower of the old cathedral survived the attack, despite the destruction of the rest of the building. A lot of restoration work has been carried out on the stonework, and further work is in progress.

We then visited the new Herbert Museum, with free entry always worth a visit.



This is the face of the civic building.


This pub, The Golden Cross, also survived the bombing.

We had an excellent lunch at the Red Panda Chinese Buffet, yet another one to add to our list.

Then we visited the Coventry Transport Museum. We had visited it before but this time there was lots more to see this time.


All sorts of transport, including this very early caravan.


A section on racing cars.


And a lot of vintage cars of all shapes and sizes, but all of the types of cars built in and around Coventry, along with motorbikes and bicycles.


This is the bus that carried the Coventry City Football Club players through the City when they won the FA Cup in 1987.


Even Monty’s staff car.


This is the entrance to the Transport Museum.


This structure is in front of the Transport Museum.

There is such a lot to see in Coventry, that 2 days mat be required for a first visit.


And to finish, this is Hadar moored in the basin.


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