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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hillmorton to Rugby


With the prospect of rain this afternoon, if the forecast is to believed, we set off down through Hillmorton locks and headed towards Rugby. We noticed a new section of piling that earlier in the year we had seen being installed, and now makes a nice mooring midway between Hillmorton and Rugby. I pulled in to the bank at Boughton Road Bridge, and Jo walked ahead to Broughton Park, to see if there was room for us to moor. We have a system where if it is ok Jo rings my phone, but I don’t answer it, so it doesn’t cost anything. I set off and joined her at the park, and we moored up next to Maffi. We had a quick chat, as you do, and then we set off to Tesco’s for shopping.

After lunch I have to go to Halfords to get a replacement radio aerial, if they have a suitable one in stock.


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