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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Snarestone Village

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After disposing of all the bags of rubbish Jo has collected from the towpath recently, we set off for yet another lengthy and taxing journey, to the moorings just outside the southern portal of Snarestone tunnel. We moored next to Maffi, and had a quick chat before he set off for Coventry for the weekend. The photo above of Hadar entering the south portal of Snarestone Tunnel was taken by Maffi yesterday as we passed through.

After coffee we walked up to have a quick look at the village, and quick it was too, as there isn’t a lot to it. The towpath emerges in the car park of “The Globe Inn”, which is unusual.

Globe Inn

It also has a camping and caravan site behind it, and is part of the Camping and Caravanning Club. Although there is not a lot to Snarestone we were rather impressed by some of the very large houses here. Definitely worth a bob or two.

Manor Farmhouse

Manor Farmhouse.

Beech House

Beech House.

Primary School

This is the unusual looking Snarestone Primary School, of which the main building fronting Main Street is actually 3 cottages which were donated by Mr Thomas Charnells to provide education for the children of the village in 1717.


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