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Monday, January 30, 2006

Week 4

Monday 23rd January 2005
The begining of week 4 of Hadar's build, and we knew this week would show alot of progress, we were not to be disappointed as you will see in the photographs. So week 4 and the mooring stud is welded into place on the bow deck. The two front hull panels were tacked into place ready for the bending of the bow.

Tuesday 24th January.
More work was completed on the hull at the bow, and the shape was being cut into the sides. We could actually see her taking shape now, making her look huge.

Wednesday 25th January.
It was a day of intense concentration, as the two Steve's marked out and cut the bow's hull to meet up with the stem post. You cannot apprechiate how much work goes into this unless you actually see it being done. We both watched as the bow took shape. Keith enjoyed sitting in the shed watching everything and taking photographs.

Thursday 26th January.
It was pretty much as Wednesday working on getting the shape of the bow hull to match up with the stem post, and welding it all in place.

Friday 27th January
Now that the bow hull is pretty much in place it is time to get all the welding done, on the parts that you cannot see outwardly, and they are the bit's that take the time, not to mention someone small enough to get into all the tiny places.

It's been another fascinating week, and one that has ended with Hadar having her shape developed. You can now see how different the Small Northwich bow look's compaired to the Joshers in the marina being fitted out. Looking at her in the workshop, she gives the impression that you would not want to get in her way, when on the water. Keith and I both know that as the week's pass there will be times when we do not see as much progress in her, but it does not mean nothing is being done, it just means that all the welding is coming together, and therefore it looks like there is no change as such. But keep popping in and I will keep you up to date with all that's going on, no matter how small a development.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Week Three of Hadars Build

Monday 16th January 2006.
Work has begun on our boat,and we are into week 3 of the build. Both Keith and I sat in the shed watching as the two Steve's worked on the Stem Post. It had to be bent into shape to fit on the bow of the boat. Like all boats each design has a different shaped stem post, so a wooden template was used to get the shape right. It was then tacked into place. We are both finding it fascinating watching as the pieces of the jigsaw are put into place. Not many people get the opportunity to see their boat being built from the base plate up, so we do feel priviledged that we have been given this opportunity, we do try our best not to get under anyones feet. Next came the tumblows which were bent into shape and tacked to the stem post ready for welding. The bow was really taking shape.

Tuesday 17th January 2006.
The bow has been welded and all the pieces put into place. They then cut out the place for the weed hatch to go in the stern. The weed hatch which was all ready welded together ready to go in was welded into. The rudder collar was also put into place.

Wednesday 17th January 2005.
The counter sweep ups were cut, giving the stern its shape, and the bow deck was welded into position. The rudder tube was put into position ready for welding, and finally for the day they have cut out the sterns counter deck.

Thursday 18th January 2006.
They have cut out and welded in the front deck.

Friday 19th January 2006.
The sterns rudder tube was welded into place,as was the stern counter deck. The front hatch on the bow was cut out ready to take the front hatch and lid, which were then all welded into place, along with their rivets.The stern dollies had arrived so were fitted and welded into place.

All in all it has been a fabulous week and alot for us to watch and take photographs of. The photographs are in Hadar's Album. Hadar has come on so much this week, and we have really enjoyed watching her progress. There will be many more updates as the boat continues to grow, so please pop in and take a look.