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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week Fourteen

Display Cabinet

The display cabinet, which is next to the TV/computer cabinet, has now been installed. The glass panels for the front have yet to be ordered.

Work then commenced on the bookcase which goes opposite the display cabinet on the portside. It has been built and has been varnished before fitting inside the boat.

Work also commenced on the final bulkhead between the coal stove and the last galley base cupboard.

Stove Plinth and Bookcase

The stove plinth, bookcase and the final bulkhead have now been installed.

Final Overhead Cupboard.

The final overhead cupboard has now been fitted in the galley, and soon all the cupboards will have doors.

Tina has been progressing with the painting in the boatmans cabin having done the primer and yellow undercoat, she started on the scumbling. I was even given the chance to have a go. So when your looking at the scumbling I dare you to spot the piece that I did LOL. I am amazed how Tina does the scumbling and how she copes in such a confined space with the paint fumes. It is very exciting to be able to watch an artist at work.

Tina Scumbling.

We now have to decide what granite we want for the galley work tops, such decisions and so much to choose from. Watch this space to see what we decided on.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weeks Twelve and Thirteen

Fridge-freezer Installed.

Week Twelve started well, with the fridge-freezer being installed and the start of the cupboard above it.

The major news is the start of the painting. At the end of last week, Tina started filling the woodwork in the boatmans cabin ready for painting, which she started yesterday with the primer coat. The cabin doors have been done with aluminium primer, as will all external woodwork which will be exposed to the elements. The mast, stand and top-planks were similarly primed, as was the slide hatch.

Start of Painting in the Boatmans cabin.

Week Thirteen and the whole fit out is moving on at a huge rate.

TV/Computer Cabinet and Overhead Cupboards.

Things have moved on rapidly in week thirteen. The TV/computer cabinet has been built. The TV sits on top of the unit, the printer/scanner/coppier sits in the base of the unit. The 2 lower slots are for the 2 laptops and the upper is for the freeview box and the 2 external hardrives. The smaller slot on the gangway side near to the cooker is for the cd player/radio.

The overhead cupboards will give us extra storage space for the galley and for all the computer bits & pieces. We have chosen to have overhead cupboards to increase our storage space to the maximum to conpensate for the compactness of the living area. Many people would find this too claustrapophobic but I think it helps that both Keith and I are not tall! But from Keith's experience of having lived for 6 months in the boatmans cabin on Pisces he got used to it and we have tried to carry through the same efficient use of every little space for storage in the boatmans cabin into the living area.

Roger is now tackling the display cabinet to go next the TV/computer cabinet which will house Keith's model trains from his Exhibition Layout Holmehurst.

Tina has been busy painting in the boatmans cabin with the undercoat having gone on and the start of the scumble base yellow. Scumble for those who do not know is a painting process used in narrowboats which, by painting, simulates grained wood. The base coat is a very bright yellow, followed by the scumble, a brown colour, which is applied using a scumble comb, which gives the effect of wood grain, then the whole lot is varnished to protect it. The effect it quite good in appearance but gives a very much stronger, colourful surface.

Start of the Scumble Base Coat of very Bright Yellow.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Week Eleven.

Work recommenced on Hadar this week after the Christmas and New Year break.
We hope you had a wonderful time and enjoy reading Hadar's progress to completion during the beginning of 2007.

The installation of the automatic bilge pump under the forecabin floor.

Bilge Pump In Place

With many water appliances installed in a boat these days a bilge pump is a neccessity should any of them fail and discharge water into the bilges in the galley/shower/laundry area. Also the main water pump and the shower tray pumpout pump were installed along with all the associated pipework for supply of hot and cold water and disposal of waste water.

All the plumbing for the Galley and Bathroom

The stove for the saloon arrived and it is lovely.

Aarrow Acorn Multi Fuel Stove

The pipework was completed and the platform for the toilet to stand on was built. Roger then worked on the remaining wall and the door into the shower/toilet area.

Shower and Toilet Area

We have had a very good week, and things have moved on apace. Roger has been extremely busy on our boat this week. The shower/toilet cubicle is now completed, awaiting tiling and the sink to be fitted.
The washing machine and tumble drier have now been installed on the opposite side to the shower/toilet. The fridge-freezer was installed in its final position, next to the washing machine and drier. The cupboard above the drier is completed apart from the doors.
The Inverter/charger has arrived along with the generator. This now completes all of the large purchases apart from the stove for the boatmans cabin.

Utility Area

Tina Paramore the boat painter also began the paint work in the boatman cabin. Her first job was to paint knotting compound on all the knots, she then filled over where all the screw heads were showing. Her final job for this week was to sand it all down ready for priming. Having spoken to Tina I am amazed how much work and paint has to go on before we get to the Roses and Castles. You can follow the progress here in Hadar's Dairy.