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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Week Thirty

I know I have been saying this most week's but it is true, it has been another great week with the progress of Hadar's fitout. It is a milestone in away as it is week Thirty of the fitting out. We never get bored of watching her progress, knowing we are another step closer to having her back in the water, and setting off on our travels.
Installed Stove Chimney.
Roger has made, painted and installed the chimney for the coal stove in the front cabin.

Port Side Paintwork Revealed.

Tina has removed the masking from the port cabinside to reveal the paintwork.

And from the Other End.

Cabin Doors and Cabin Rear.

Tina has now undercoated the red section of the stern of the cabin.

Gear Control Wheel.

Roger has made and installed the gear control rod and attached the wheel. This allows the boatman to change gear in the gearbox from the steering postion. In the photo above you can see the wheel just inside the boatman's 'ole. The photo below shows the rod extending through the boatman's cabin and into the engine room.

Gear Control Rod Inside the Cabin.

Cabin Doors and Cabin Rear.

The Calorifier has now been fully plumbed in to the engine and generator water cooling circuits and the cold in and hot out. This now completes all the plumbing throughout the boat.

Gear Control Wheel.

Roger has made and installed the speed control rods and attached the wheel. This allows the boatman to change the engine speed from the steering postion. The speed wheel just inside the boatman's 'ole on the other side to the gear wheel, it is the smaller of the two. The photo below shows the rod extending through the boatman's cabin and into the engine room, then via the worm drive mounted in the ceiling the rotation is converted into an up/down motion to operate the throttle on the engine.

Gear Control Rod Inside the Cabin.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week Twenty-Nine.

We have had another fascinating week, with the painting and fitout of Hadar. There is never a dull moment, It is lovely to be able to share her story with you all.
Gearbox Oil Cooler.
Roger has fitted and connected the gearbox oil cooler. This is just part of the extensive pipework for the engine and generator. As the engine is mounted in the centre of the engine room, he has had to fit a vent pipe to the ceiling to allow venting of any trapped air at the highest point in the circuit. With the more traditional engine mounting close to the bulkhead all pipework is taken horizontally to the bulkhead and venting is achieved through the header tank. All exposed pipework is in copper with brass fittings, whilst all below engine and floor piping is in Hep2o plastic piping and fittings.

Engine Cooling Vent Pipe.

Completed Slide Hatch.
Painting is proceding well, despite the damp weather which is not favourable for painting. Tina has completed the front hatch cover and the slide hatch. It is nice to be using the word "completed" regularly these days.

Completed Front Hatch Cover.

The calorifier has been installed and is the process of being connected to various pipework. For non-boating people a calorifier is the hot water tank. Hot water is obtained from both the engine and the generator cooling circuits. We will also have an immersion heater fitted so that we can heat water when connected to a land line without having to run either engine.

Installed Calorifier.

Starboard Paintwork.

Big moment today with the uncovering of the starboard paintwork. With the blue having been completed and dried, Tina removed the masking to reveal the paintwork. It looks really great. It needs to have the sign writing to be applied to complete.

From the Other End of the Cabin.

Pigeon Box and Engine Room Hatches.

The pigeon box and engine room hatches have started to receive their paintwork.

Pigeon Box in Detail.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Week Twenty-Eight

Both Keith and I have enjoyed another week of watching Hadar's Progress. It is an absolute joy to watch her coming together. Keith unfortunately put his back out, so has had to take things easy this week.
Day Tank Installed
Roger has been busy in the engine room. As can be seen in the photo the day tank has been installed. A day tank is used when an engine has no fuel pump, so that fuel can be supplied by gravity. We are awaiting the semi-rotary pump to arrive which will be used to pump enough fuel up from the main tanks to use in a day's cruising, hence the name day tank.

Stern Coachlining.
Tina has progressed with masking out the final coachline on the stern of the cabin, and has undercoated it. She has also started to undercoat the front hatch cover

Front Hatch Cover

Semi-Rotary Pump.

Things have been progressing rapidly in the engine room this week. The semi-rotary pump has been installed, which will be used to lift fuel from the main fuel tanks to the day tank. The engine and generator have both been connected to the fuel supply via remote fuel filters, and the cooling system for the gen connected to the skin tank. The gearbox has been connected to an oil cooler, which has also been connected to the cooling tank for the engine.

Engine Exhaust.
Both exhausts have been connected. The one for the engine is straight through with no silencer box. I have been assured that this will reduce coking up of the engine, it will also mean that everyone will hear us long before they see us coming! The generator exhaust has a silencer box, and it's outlet goes through the hull side. The 2 header tanks are for the cooling systems for the engine and generator.
Gen Exhaust and Header Tanks.

Tina has prepared the cabinsides for the blue coat, by masking off the coachline and red panels. If she gets bored she can always read the news! Once the blue is completed then she can start on the sign writing.

Cabinsides Masking Off.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week Twenty-Seven

Work progresses onward and upward. Tina has been busy with the paintwork, as can be seen the bow is all but finished, the name "Hadar" has to be signwritten on to complete it. The hatch cover needs to be painted white, and the foredeck painting will complete the fore end.
Bow ready for Signwriting the name.
The cabinsides have received their first coat of red gloss. It now gives us a real feel for what the final colour scheme will look like.
Red Gloss on the Cabinsides.
The slide is almost completed, the heart has had it's undercoating, and is now awaiting the red gloss coats to finish. It sounds good at last to be using the words "finish" and "complete" regularly, hahahahaha."finish"and"complete" regularly, hahahahaha.

The Hatch Slide.

Roger has got the remaining hinges and has fitted the remaining cupboard doors. He has also been fitting various door bolts to the external and internal doors where needed. Roger also fitted the brass door handles to the doors, we will get some photographs of those when we can. Roger is now starting work in the engine room. So come back next weekend to see what else has been done.