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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hatton Station to Saltisford Arm

With a relatively short run down the Hatton flight this morning we are safely back on our mooring where we will stay now for the foreseeable future.
The Saltisford Canal Centre is in complete lock-down, it is not open to the public or visiting boats as we have vulnerable residents here that we are protecting.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Park Bridge No.8, to The Arena Birmingham, 20.9 miles, 25 locks, 3 tunnel, 9hrs 35mins.

Early start this morning. 
Got to Addersley junction, and a boat was coming down the last lock of the '21'.
They had been coming down the flight yesterday, but after hearing Boris's speech, they decided to return to Alvechurch, so they followed us up the flight.
 Jo was setting the lock we were leaving for them.
We had a brief stop at Neptune's wharf for Jo to do some food shopping.

Now moored opposite The Arena Birmingham.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Adderley Top Lock to 48hr moorings near Park Bridge No.8, 26.6 miles, 6 locks, 1 tunnel, 9hrs 35mins.

This morning we decided to return to our mooring, so we winded and are now moored back at the 48hr moorings near Park Bridge No.8.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Wharf Tavern, Cheswardine to Adderley Top Lock, 6.7 miles, 5 locks, 2hrs 40mins.

Sunshine today. 🌞
Woodseaves cutting.

Tyrley top lock.

Tyrley locks.

Market Drayton.

Now moored for the weekend above Adderley top lock.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Park Bridge No.8 to Wharf Tavern Cheswardine near Goldstone Bridge No.55, 20 miles, 1 lock, 1 tunnel, 7hrs 5mins.

A drizzly start and finish, but the bit in the middle was fine.
The A5 was very quiet this morning.

Wheaton Aston lock.

Boatwoman Jo.

Cowley tunnel, no brick just hewn from the rock.

Norbury junction.

Unfortunately the scaffolding spoils the obligatory photograph.

Cadbury's old wharf.

Now moored near the Wharf Tavern by Goldstone Bridge No.55, Cheswardine.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wolverhampton to Park Bridge No.8 on the Shropshire Union, 6 miles, 22 locks, 5hrs 45mins.

Drizzle all day today.
Wolverhampton top lock.

The '21' as they are called.

Bottom lock and Aldersley junction and the Staffs & Worcs. 

Autherley junction and the start of the Shroppie. 

Now moored on the 48hr moorings before Park Bridge No.8 before Brewood, nad drying out.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hawne Basin to Wolverhampton, 14 miles, 3 locks, 4 tunnels, 5hrs 10mins.

We said our goodbyes to Hawne basin this morning.
Entering Gosty Hill tunnel again.

The high roofed section of Gosty Hill tunnel.

Approaching Windmill End junction.

Entering Netherton tunnel.

Nearing the end of Netherton tunnel.

We temporarily moored at Neptune wharf for food shopping.

We winded at Tipton junction, and headed for Wolverhampton.
Approaching Coseley tunnel.

Now moored on the 24hr off-side moorings at Wolverhampton tunnel.


Monday, March 16, 2020

Tipton to Hawne Basin, Halesowen, 6.5 miles, 3 locks, 2 tunnels, 3hrs 40mins.

Sunshine all the way this morning.
Descending Factory locks.

Entering Netherton tunnel.

Entering Gosty Hill tunnel.

Inside Gosty Hill tunnel.

Entering Hawne basin.

We topped up with diesel, well 171 litres then moored alongside small Woolwich Atlas for the night.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

BCN Clean-up

Great weekend with great company on the BCN Clean-up.
Saturday morning we were bussed to Ocker Hill Tunnel branch, our base of operations for the whole weekend. 
Our group (there were 2 groups) walked to the top of Ridgeacre locks on the Walsall Canal, and started grappling from the top lock to the bottom lock.

Jo's catch of the day, the cast iron wheels were worth saving.

The big problem with this section of canal is the Asda trolleys.

Especially in the vicinity of this footbridge which crosses the canal from the Asda car park.

We pulled out 39 shopping trolleys here!

Loading them on to the work boat Hawne.

I helped Hawne down through the locks.

We had to be careful that nothing caught on the side of the lock and didn't fall in!

Hawne being unloaded by the grab truck back at Ocker Hill tunnel branch, where we enjoyed a sandwich lunch.
In the afternoon we tackled a section of the Walsall canal halfway between Tame Valley junction and Walsall Town arm. We had a bit of trouble with local kids, so we abandoned the site for safety reasons.

Sunday morning Jo decided to stay back at the Stables to help Maria as her ribs and sternum were hurting. We tackled the 1st section of the Tame Valley canal starting from the Tame valley junction, by going up the towpath on one side of the canal, we crossed over at one of the bridges, and back down the other side.

Loading the C&RT work boat.

Following lunch today everyone has now left the Stables, bar one other boat, so we are now relaxing.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Black Country Living Museum to Malthouse Stables Activity Centre, 0.6 miles, 0 locks, in 20mins

Spent most of today chatting to friends at the Black Country Living Museum.
The fairground has gone to make way for the new 1940's-60's street, and work has started on this new project.

 Not much else has changed apart from these new paths and gardens behind Pitt's Cottage.

The veg patches at Pitt's cottage are ready for planting with lots of freshly supplied manure from Ben & Charlie.

Later we moved from the museum to the Malthouse Stables Activity Centre, Tipton ready for the coming weekends BCN Spring Clean-up weekend.