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Friday, March 31, 2023

Prestwood Bridge to Wombourne

 Despite the weather forecast, we only had a couple of brief slight showers. Now moored near the Waggon & Horses by Wombourne bridge No.43 in Wombourne where we will spend the weekend.

4 miles 8 locks in 3hrs 30mins. what3words ///dash.dangerously.finely

Early morning visitor as we were preparing to set off

1st lock of the day, Gothersley

The Navigation Inn beside Greensforge lock

Not sure, but looks like a pumping station

Hinksford lock bridge No.39, it says so on the plaque

Approaching Botterham staircase locks

In Botterham bottom lock, awaiting the top lock

Now moored near the Waggon & Horses Inn by Wombourne bridge No.43, Wombourne where we will spend the weekend


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Stourbridge to Prestwood Bridge No.43 on the Staffs & Worcs Canal

    This morning we had a walk around Stourbridge as we have never been here before. We picked up a few bits and pieces in shops, and had a coffee in Wetherspoons. ☕️☕️ 

fter lunch we winded and set off back down the Stourbridge town arm, turned west at Wordsley junction, and dropped down the 4 Stourton locks onto the Staffs & Worcs canal. now moored at Prestwood bridge No.34.

4 miles 4 locks in 2hrs 15mins. what3words ///corkscrew.tricky.dramatic 😁

Approaching Wordsley junction from the town arm, where we turn left

Top lock of the Stourton 4 locks

2nd Stourton lock

3rd Stourton lock, with the 4th immediately below it

Exiting the 4th and final Stourton lock turning right onto the Staffs & Worcs canal at Stourton junction

Section of the canalside sandstone which runs along much of the canal

Aqueduct over the river Stour, it says so on the sign

Now moored near Prestwood bridge No.34


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Merry Hill to Stourbridge

 A damp day with spells of light drizzle between spells of dry. Now moored at Stourbridge on the town arm.

6¼ miles 24 locks in 6hrs 5mins. what3words ///detect.fakes.blows 😊

Delph top lock

The main Delph flight

Delph bottom lock, it says so on the sign

Leys junction and the Fens branch

Top lock of the Stourbridge 16

The Redhouse cone kiln comes into sight

The 2 staircase locks

Dadford's shed

Looking back at the Dock off-licence, you forget how pretty this canal is

Bottom Stourbridge lock

Wordsley junction, where we turned left onto the Stourbridge town arm

Part way along the Stourbridge town arm

Now moored at Stourbridge, as close as we could get to the basin, and the last available space

Moored at Stourbridge


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Withymoor Island to Merry Hill

 A damp start to the day, but it stopped raining after we had lunch, and we went to Lidl for a food shop in the dry.

3½ miles 1 lock in 1hr 30mins. what3words ///barn.mole.castle 😁

The residential moorings in the arm at Withymoor Island

Blackbrook junction and the start of the long abandoned 2 lock line

Parkhead junction

Parkhead locks that head towards the western portal of Dudley tunnel, with the construction of the new tram line crossing the locks

Blowers Green lock

Leaving the deep Blowers Green lock

Bottom of the 2 lock line

Approaching Waterfront at Merry Hill

Waterfront at Merry Hill

Waterfront at Merry Hill

Waterfront at Merry Hill

Merry Hill shopping centre

Now moored on the embankment above Merry Hill shopping centre

Bon Pan Asian Buffet in Merry Hill shopping centre, where we had lunch, which opened in 2021, buffet lunch was £10.99 each and very yummy it was too, with selections of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Singapore dishes