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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Week Twenty One

Painting of Rear Doors.
The rear doors and the doorway surround have started to receive their paintwork with the yellow base coat ready for scumbling. Quite a lot of the scumbling inside the cabin which had been left until she was in the paintshed has also been finished off.
Start of Cabin Door Castles.
Tina has progressed with the castles on the rear cabin doors throughout the week.

Cabin Door Castles Progress.
As with the castles she painted inside the cabin, they are built up gradually, waiting for each layer to dry before progressing further.
Cabin Door Castles Progress Further.
She has also sanded down the roof, cabin sides and the counter stern. She has also primered the roof.
Freshly Primered Roof.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Week Twenty... Hadar is Craned Out to go into the Paintshed

Hadar is Craned Out to go into the Paintshed. For any boat owner this can be a tense time, but it actually went really well.

Hadar is Craned Out.
Hadar was craned out yesterday, to be lifted into the paintshed for her external paintwork. she creaked a bit, but everything went very well. At least we know she weighs less than 25tons, as that is the limit of Rogers crane!
Jetwashing the Grime Off.
Before the final lift into the paintshed. Tina needed to get the grime off of Hadar, which had built up since her launch, it had to be jet washed off. Then after lunch she finally slid the last few feet into the shed, where she will stay until her paintwork is finished.

The Final Push.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Week Twenty

Another week of high excitement.

Painted Engine Room.

The final coat of paint was applied to the engine room, the green is to match the engine and the background of the roses in the boatmans cabin. Keith spent sometime with Tina the boat painter to choose the colours for our Grand Union Canal Carrying Boat, we are going with the Red, White and Blue colour scheme, and have choosen from International Paints obviously White, the Blue is Bondi Blue and the Red is Rochelle Red. It will look fabulous.

Diesel Generator ready to be Installed.

The diesel generator was installed in the engine room today. It took quite a while to prepare the night before, removing all the soundproof casing, as it would not fit in the engine room with the casing on. It took quite a lot of effort and careful maneuvering to ease it in through the engine room doorway. Once inside the engine room it then had to be maneuvered around the engine to the other side of the boat, and the corner where it will reside.

The Generator goes Slowly in through the Engine Room Doorway.

The generator is to supply the power requirement for the washing machine and/or the tumble dryer, which is higher than that which the invertor will supply. But the major reason is that it will be used to charge batteries when moored in a location for a few days, rather than running the vintage National engine, I would rather wear out an easily replacable generator than a very rare vintage engine.

Installed in the Corner of the Engine Room.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week Nineteen.

We have had another week of excitement with the fit out of Hadar and with the boat we live on Misty Lady. Roger had been making the door for the shower, and the top half of the walls in the engine room got a coat of Ivory Gloss (photos to come next week).
Water Tank Goes In.
The water tank was fitted this week. The weather was right so we could drop the sheeting to allow access, but also Roger wanted to make room in the shed for a steel delivery which was due, so the tank had to go in. With a little heaving and hooing the water tank moved into it's home.

Water Tank in Postion in the Bow.

We put Misty Lady up for sale with Longport Brokerage and no sooner was Misty Lady on the market, than we sold her, it only took one week. It is one less worry for when Hadar is completed knowing that we have a new owner for Misty Lady . Once Hadar is finished and we have moved on to her, the new owner can take over Misty Lady. It will be sad to see her go as she has been our home for 2 yrs and our first boat. But we will be fulfiling a dream with Hadar and that is extra special.

Misty Lady Sold

Friday, March 02, 2007

Week Eighteen

Shower Cubicle Tiles.
Roger has now tiled the shower/toilet cubicle, and we are very pleased with the way the tiles compliment the colour of the timber.
Toilet Cubicle Tiles.
The granite then arrived for the galley work tops and Roger filled those and began the tiling of the galley walls. The green and cream tiles go really well with the Cherry timber work.

Port Granite Worktop and Tiling.

Starboard Granite Worktop and Tiling.

The galley now has a country kitchen feel to it, and that is exactly what I wanted. Yes that is me in the back ground. Keith and I are so pleased with the way things have progressed so far. Roger has worked really hard on Hadar and we look forward to another exciting week ahead.