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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ricoh Arena.

On Friday Keith went into hospital for 24 observations and he is still in there, because with it being a weekend, there is very little done. The consultant is also waiting for the results on tests done on Friday. All’s we know is he has an infection in either his Liver or Bilary Tree, so I will update when I know more.

A few weeks ago we booked tickets with a friend to go and watch Wasps take on London Irish at the Ricoh Arena. It was to be Wasps first match in their new home. Unfortunately Keith could not make it due to him being in hospital, but he said I should still go as we had paid for the tickets. Fortunately a buyer was found for his ticket.

We set off for the Arena at 11.45 am and when we got there we parked and then walked to the stadium, which was very busy, but well organised. There were helpers along the route giving directions and advice for those who required it.


We have seen the Ricoh Arena from the Canal, but now I was standing outside of it wooo hoo.


We had a look around the fan zone whilst we waited for 9 other people to join us.


The ground filled up very quickly. There were 28,254 people there to see a fantastic game. Jake Quickenden was there singing, he sounded amazing.


The mascot did the rounds.


The first half was a quiet a fair with penalties swapping ends, with Wasps going in at half time in the lead 18-16.


No game in the two decades of Premiership rugby has been watched by more people. There were old and new Wasps fans me included, watching a heart warming match on cold winter's day in Coventry.

Andy Goode was man of the match. He set a new Premiership points record on his home patch as Wasps overpowered London Irish to make a dream start to life at the Ricoh Arena.
The Coventry-born fly-half scored 33 points, bagging a try and kicking eight penalties and two conversions in a terrific performance. London Irish in the end were over-powered by a better team, but I also think the crowd made a difference.

It was my first ever rugby match and it will not be my last.

Maria dropped me off at the hospital on our way home and I sat in with Keith for a couple of hours and told him all about the game. I felt so guilty him not being there, but we will go again I am sure.

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Very Happy Christmas.

We hope you all have a wonderful festive time and that 2015 is kind to you all.

I have not posted this much over this year, because as you will all know we have not been on the move due to Keith being poorly. We are hoping to be out and about next year, so you can expect more posts.

Update on Keith. He had an appointment with his consultant on Tuesday this week and the consultant was not that happy with him, and wanted him in hospital. The consultant suspects there may be a stone in the Liver or tubes, left over from his Gallbladder removal. But the hospital has the Winter Vomiting bug and four wards closed and a bed crisis, so we are waiting a for a bed. In the meantime, he has had blood tests done and an MRI and we await to see what happens next. It appears we are ending the year the way we began it, with the hospital at the top of the list for Keith. 

I will update when we know more.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Top of Hatton Flight

Today we walked up the Hatton Flight and this time we got to the top.


The C&RT depot near the top of the flight.


The Café at the top of the flight.


I got my cup of tea that Jo promised me if we made it to the top.


St. Mary’s Church in Warwick lit up in the Autumnal sun.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Victorian Evening & Christmas Lights Switch-on

Jo and I went to this years Victorian evening and Christmas lights switch-on dressed in our Victorian boater’s costumes.


We met and chatted to Vic Minett from BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio and we were both interviewed by her live on the radio. We also won a years membership to Warwick Racecourse (worth £250.00!) for our Victorian dress. We are looking forward going to the races during this winter and spring.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Nice Day for a Walk

After lunch we set off up the Hatton flight again, we got as far as lock 37 this time, 5 more locks than last time 3 weeks ago. Next time we will takes some money with us and have a cuppa at the café.



Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It’s been a While

It has been a while since posting on here, but there isn’t much to report at the moment. The Physio Dept. of Warwick Hospital has signed me off with my back, although I am still suffering from it, but nothing more they can do.

Jo and I took Paddy and Marmite to the vets today for their annual boosters. Paddy has put more weight on and is now at a suitable weight for his size, which is good news, and his anaemia has disappeared which also good news.


Rosie & Jim Mandarin


Our Mandarin ducks have their full adult plumage now, Jim is looking magnificent.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Walk up the Hatton Flight

We decided to take a walk up the Hatton flight to see how far I could manage. We got as far as lock 32 where I felt I had had enough and we returned back to Hadar.





Friday, September 19, 2014

Mandarin Ducks

Our Mandarin ducks are starting to get their adult plumage.



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More News on Paddy

It was back to the vet with paddy again this morning. He gave over his blood sample like a good little boy, had his weight done and temperature done. His temperature is fine, his weight is down again to 13 kg from 13.8 kg. The vet has given him a month's course of steroids to see how he goes. The vet rang Jo this afternoon to say his red cell count had gone up to 2 points from 24 to 26. So a slight improvement. We will now see how he goes over the coming month. At the moment we and the vet are looking at a condition called myelofibrosis, which is not curable and so we know at some point we will have to make a decision, but for now he is wagging his tail and is eating again, so we will see how he goes Smile.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paddy Improving

Paddy has picked up over the last couple of days, his appetite has returned and he seems more himself again, although he still appears to be anaemic. We have an appointment with the vet on Wednesday so we will see how he gets on then.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Temperature Still Up

Although the vet had asked us to take Paddy’s temperature in the evening, we took it this morning as he wouldn't’ eat his biscuits or the meat with his steroids tablets in. We had to force the meat and tablets into his mouth and made him swallow it. His temperature was back up again, although Jo is not sure she measured it correctly yesterday. I eventually got him to eat his morning biscuits later. Daft thing is when Jo took him out for his walk this morning she said he was quite spritely, and I have probed and pushed around his abdomen and chest and he isn’t reacting as if he is in pain in any of that area. He is becoming a bit of a mystery at the moment.


Friday, August 22, 2014

More on Paddy

We took Paddy’s temperature today and it was a little lower, but Jo wasn’t sure she had done it right.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Paddy’s Blood Test

We had Paddy’s blood tests results today, and they didn’t show too much, other than his white blood cell count is low and he is not producing enough red blood cells. We decided after listening to the vet that we would try the steroids first and see how he goes.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Poorly Paddy

We took Paddy to the vet late this afternoon, he hasn't been eating properly lately, the vet says he has a temperature, and she took a blood sample, we should know the results tomorrow.


Friday, August 15, 2014

All Quiet on the Boating Front

Not much to report lately, I have been resting my back since Physio last Friday, which is getting better, but a further visit today was a good result, at least today Frances my Physiotherapist said I was walking better upon leaving than when I arrived, the total opposite of last week! Frances is working on a course which apart from exercises, is looking to build up the muscles in my back to hopefully prevent this problem occurring again. It would seem this is going to be a long process, but I am in no hurry.

Jo is busy knitting and crocheting for the Heritage weekend here at the  Saltisford Arm on September 13th-14th.


Monday, August 04, 2014

Clever Ducks

Our mandarin ducks this afternoon managed to get out onto the bank at our winding hole.


We think they must have been a bit knackered after all their adventures today.


A Cinema


Unfortunately I don’t think the roof is quite appropriate, I think most cinema roofs were curved, but Bayko doesn’t have curved roofs. It is exactly how specified in the instruction book.