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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Netherwich Basin

Throughout the day boats have been arriving, and the basin is bristling with boats, many have decorated their boats with bunting. At lunchtime we had a nice drink with some of our neighbours in the basin at the local pub, The Railway, which you can see in the background of the photo. Have you spotted Hadar?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hanbury Wharf to Droitwich

We set off this morning to follow the other boats before us down the Droitwich Junction Canal. The anticipation and expectation was all worth it. There was quite a bit of a delay and hold ups, as other boats coming the opposite direction were having difficulty with weeding up props, as did the boats ahead of us, fortunately we didn't have any such problem. We were held up between locks 2 & 3, waiting for the go ahead from the BW staff to carry on. Once on the move again we enjoyed the trip, and found it really quite exciting exploring this canal, which in parts is completely new where it has had to be rerouted around properties built on the original line. Our only concern was the headroom clearance at the M5 tunnel, but we had a good 8" of clearance. Once into the Barge Lock in Droitwich we came into view of the very beautiful area around the Barge Canal called Vines Park, just beyond this we came to Nertherwich Basin, where they have fitted secure pontoon moorings, where we are now moored for the forthcoming weekend. Paddy likes this mooring as you can see in the photo. We have had a busy time since arriving chatting to other boaters who have arrived here ready for the weekend. Tomorrow will be exploring Droitwich Town day.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Tibberton to Hanbury Wharf

A short run in distance, but it took 1hour 35mins due to the shallowness of the cut, prop was turning mud all the way, definitely needs dredging. We arrived at Hanbury Wharf and moored outside the "Eagle & Sun", and after chatting to some boaters moored here at the junction, we had lunch in the "Eagle & Sun" with John and Sheila on Solitaire, who we have got to know since they first moored next to us at Diglis. After lunch we said cheerio to them as they are continuing up the Worcs & Birm, we walked down the junction canal to find the local BW man Tom, but at the new staircase locks we met some BW workers doing some final touchs ready for tomorrow. According to them we should be able to come down tomorrow, so we are looking forward to this, I doubt I will sleep much tonight with anticipation. We never did find Tom, a man of mystery in these parts, well the parts we keep looking in.


Having posted this earlier we have since found out that the Droitwich Junction Canal will be open from 10:00am tomorrow morning.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Worcester to Tibberton

Quite a warm mornings run from Worcester to Tibberton. We have at least done all the locks between Worcester and Hanbury Wharf, so we can relax now until Monday. The Worcs & Birm needs some serious dredging, as I have struggled since we left Worcester, with very shallow water. Fortunately at most locks I did not have to pull into the lock moorings, which I doubt I would have been able to. Either Jo walked ahead from the previous lock and set the next one, or the lock was empty and I was able to go straight in, dropping Jo off at the tail of the lock. Even where we are moored at Tibberton on the 48hr moorings, we are 1ft away from the bank.


Friday, June 24, 2011


We spent quite a bit of time in Worcester Cathedral this morning, a very beautiful building, both outside and in. We were treated to some rather nice impromptu organ music whilst there. We then went for another wander around the city looking for antique shops, those that were open had nothing we were interested in. We have found another very good Chinese buffet called "Angel Chef" in Angel Street, another one to add to our list. We were glad we got there early as it got very busy so must be popular with the locals.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stourport to Worcester

A dull morning, but we set off with apprehension, heading down through the basin locks, and onto the River Severn. Now was the time to see if the new prop really performed. Anyone know where we can buy some cheap water skis?

Hadar certainly moves really well on the river, with only half an extra turn on the throttle wheel, she was flying, first time she has created a real bow wave. This stretch of the River is new to us both, and it looked very nice. The locks are quite interesting, very different from those on the River Thames. We were soon approaching Worcester, and turned into the first of the 2 locks into Diglis Basin, which has obviously changed since I was last here in 1997, I don't recognise much, then on through to the visitor moorings above bridge No.2. Time to explore Worcester now.

Visitor moorings just outside Diglis Basin, on the Worcs & Birm Canal.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogging Friend.

Yesterday we had a very welcome visitor. Lesley off of NB Caxton (CLICK) came and paid us a visit, with her dogs Floyd and Fletcher.Lesley and Joe are also moored in Stourport Basin and have taken a mooring for 6 months, whilst they have another boat built. (CLICK). It was so nice to chat to Lesley face to face, because we have only ever seen Caxton in passing. I do enjoy putting names to faces and as Lesley is a fellow blogger, it was wonderful to chat about all things boatie and yes it did include loo's. Whilst we whiled away an hour we watch people coming and going from the sanitary station. The most noticeable coming and going was the hotel boats Oak and Ash. They were being turned around after watering up one boat. The steerer soaked everyone within reach with his prop wash and then went on to bellow instructions at his crew member and other boaters who he seemed to think were in his way. It was a joy to meet Lesley and the doggies and we wish them well with their new adventure. I am sincerely hoping we get to see them out and about on their new boat Yarwood.


Also today Brian on nb Kyle arrived at Stourport, and we joined him and some of his friends for a drink at the Angel on the river front.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparationd for the River

This morning I wanted to do 2 things, first check the prop and second get the anchor out ready.

I am glad I checked the prop as there was a bicycle inner tube wrapped around it with the usual assorted bits of plastic bags, string, etc. which was trapped by the inner tube. All nice and clear before setting off down the river.

Jo dug out the anchor, chain and warp from under all the bags of kindling in the hold. I attached the warp to the T-stud, and then attached the chain to the warp, and finally the chain to the anchor. We are trying something different this time. When we were on the River Thames 3 years ago, we had all the warp and chain on the deck, but this time I have stowed it in the front locker, with just the end of the warp coming out to the T-stud, and the chain to the anchor. Also previously we had the anchor standing vertically against the cratch board, this time we have it laid on top of the front locker hatch.

Another walk around town to see the shops we missed yesterday, especially the aquatic shop, some lovely fish in there. We can both picture what Marmite would be doing if we had an aquarium with fish in it, she would be polishing the glass with her paws, day and night!


Monday, June 20, 2011

And this is Hadar moored up in Stourport upper basin, outside the Tontine.


Kidderminster to Stourport

We are now enjoying the sunshine having travelled down from Kidderminster to Stourport this morning, in what was a fairly uneventful, but very scenic run. We are now moored in the upper basin at Stourport, outside the Tontine building. In fact where the working boat in the bottom left corner of the photo is moored. Lunch done, internet done, time to do the town whilst it isn't rain, not like 2 years ago.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Severn Valley Railway

Jo and I have had a very pleasant day on the Severn Valley Railway today. We walked through Kidderminster to the railway station, where we bought our tickets and boarded the waiting train. On the journey there we saw this amazing poppy field.

We stayed on the train all the way to Bridgnorth, where we got off and had lunch in the refreshment room at the station before heading into the town for a wander around. We then caught the next train back but got off at Highley to have a cup of coffee at the new Engine Shed before wandering around the shed looking at the engines, coaches and wagons on display. This photo is the signal box at Highley.

This is a British Railways 9F engine at Bridgnorth. The very last steam engine to be built by British Railways was a 9F and was named Evening Star, and was also painted in green livery, which was really meant for express passenger engines and not freight engines like this.

This is the engine, a 5F, which had hauled the train we were on from Bridgnorth to Highley as it was leaving Highley station heading to Kidderminster.

As we were having our coffee at the Engine Shed at Highly this GWR Manor class Erlestoke Manor, No.7812, came chuffing up into Highley station from Kidderminster. This is the same class of engine as the large engine I built for my model railway, which is Fringford Manor No.7814.

And her she is again with an excellent rake of British Railways Custard & Cream coaches in tow.


Friday, June 17, 2011

New Alternator

New alternator successfully picked up this morning, many thanks to Allspares, who supplied and delivered it very promptly to C.A. Stone in Kidderminster, who fitted the pulley off the old one for me, excellent service by both concerned. Just have to fit it, which if it is as easy as removing the old one it won't take much. Now recovering from the 2 mile round walk carrying first one then both! At least the return journey was downhill.

Update, new alternator fitted and working.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whittington to Kidderminster

2 Short journeys today. The first was to Evelyn & Graham Booths home, where we spent a very lovely couple of hours catching up on all their news. Evelyn did us a very nice salad for lunch, she is such a sweetie! We have left one of our Measham teapots with Graham to try to improve it's looks. This is one of the 3 teapots we bought at auction which Jo really likes, as it is larger than the others we have, a darker shade of glazing, and is the oldest of them, dating from 1879. We have seen some of Graham's previous restoration work and trust him to do his best for us.

Just as we set off the rain started but soon stopped by the time we got to the next lock. We arrived at the Sainsbury's moorings at Kidderminster to find them completely empty, where is everyone? Something we said? Comments on the back of a dirty postcard only please.

We will be staying here for the weekend. I received a message on my phone to say the alternator was due to be delivered at 3:00pm today, so tomorrow morning we will take the defunct one off the engine and take it to have the pulley swapped over. We have never been to Kidderminster before so are looking forward to exploring. I am especially interested in visiting the Severn Valley Railway, which I have travelled on before when my friend, who used to transport my exhibition model railway around the country, and I came this way to an exhibition at Telford in 1999, and we arrived early as Trevor wanted to take advantage of being this way to spend a whole day visiting the railway.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alternator Sorted, Hopefully.

Amazing thing the internet. I searched out the alternator manufacturer, Prestolite, and from their website I found the nearest distributor, Allspares, contacted them, they had one in stock, brilliant. When we got to Greensforge lock I went and asked 2 BW workmen sitting in their van if they were local to the area, they said no, but the man behind the van was, so I asked him if he knew anywhere in Kidderminster that could do work on an alternator. He did know of somewhere, but had to make a quick phone call as he couldn't remember the company name. Call made and it was C.A. Stone. A search on titnernet, and I had their phone number. Yes they could remove and fit the pulley and take delivery of the new alternator for me. Job done!!

A very happy Keith.

Swindon to Whittington

A cool start which as the morning got near to midday a slight drizzle started to appear, more annoying than anything really wet. We had intended to moor at Kinver, but no luck, all the moorings were taken, so we carried onto Whittington lock, and have moored up just below it, on a very nice mooring.

Further testing of the alternator yesterday proved it was completed legs up in the air, with no volts what so ever coming out of it.

Hopefully we can sort out a replacement fairly soon.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Compton to Swindon



Then the domestic alternator packed up today. It has been playing up last couple of days, but now looks like it has gone completely. Have to find somewhere where we can get it replaced. So we have stopped at Swindon to do some further testing. Thank goodness we have the generator for little emergencies like this. Things got worse at Botterham staircase locks, where the intermediate gates and lock wall were leaking so badly I got a soaking, shirt and waistcoat now hanging up to dry. We will have a look around Swindon, although I suspect there isn't a lot here, apart from the 3 pubs that is.


Monday, June 13, 2011

High Onn to Compton (Staffs & Worcs)

A dry start always goes down well, especially after the day long rain yesterday. What a fantastic finish to the Canadian Grand Prix, once it got going.

Don't always expect marked 48 hour ringed moorings to be deep. Today as we headed south and were approaching Autherley junction the engine temperature gauge started to climb. Why does it always do this at the most inapproriate time? Just as we were approaching a narrow section with a boat coming the other way, and Hadar grovelling about in shallow water, so lots of engine revs to get us off the mud, not good with the temperature rising. I knew there was a marked 48 hour ringed mooring a short distance ahead so I carried on to it. Well when I say "mooring" I am talking figuratively, we were 2ft from the bank! Still it had to do, as I stripped down the pump, removed the broken impellor and the 2 broken bits, fitted the new one, and put the pump back together again. Am I glad it is easy to get to and simple to change. We have removed that mooring site from our map.

We carried on to Autherley junction, and turned right heading down the Staffs & Worcs and moored at Compton, between the lock and the road bridge, opposite Lime Kiln Narrow Boats. Marmite is sitting eyeing up the chickens on the other side of the canal. We have not stopped here before so we wandered around to find a large Spar store, and some other useful shops. The Chippy sounded good, so we had cod & chips twice. I must remember in future to order just one portion of chips between the two of us! No TV signal here, so a DVD, or 2, is on the cards tonight.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oil Changes

It has been a busy morning, an oil change for the generator, this following an oil change for the engine yesterday. The 2nd sheet of sound proofing fixed to the underside of the generator shelf, a cable run through from the bed 'ole through the engine room behind the generator and calorifier, temperature reset on the immersion heater.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Cross Green to High Onn Bridge.

An early start this morning, 5:50am paid off as we had a clear run through the narrows. Turning onto the Shroppie at Autherley junction, we headed for Wheaton Aston where we took on 425litres of diesel, and then continued on to High Onn Bridge where we winded ready to return to the Staffs & Worcs on Monday. We have met up with Roger and Sue on Dunham Dawdler moored here, they moor at Welford on the Welford arm.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Penkridge to Fox & Anchor, Cross Green

A dry day today, although the black clouds did roll over just didn't deposit anything on us. A short day today. We have stopped at the Fox & Anchor, Cross Green for tonight, so we can get an early start tomorrow morning through the narrows before Autherley junction. We will be exploring Coven after lunch.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tixall Lock to Penkridge

A mixed bag of sunshine, showers and hailstones! Popped into Midland Chandlers to pick up some spare battery cut-off keys after the one that broke a few days ago.

We want to say a "Hi" to Bev & Roland on narrowboat Klara who we met at Longford lock.

As we were waiting for Longford lock, it started to rain which turned into hailstones, but only tiny ones, and not for long, what is up with our weather? Hail in June? Will be snowing next month!.We have just had lunch and will be visiting the market if it is still open.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Stone to Tixall Lock

The day started dull and drizzly in patches, but changed to more showers with sunny periods as the day progressed. We arrived at Sandon lock to join a queue of boats, we were 6th in the queue. The bottom plate at the head of the lock had become detached, which BW had to come out and repair, which they had done promptly with 2 brand new shiney D shackles as can be seen in the photo.
Once through we pressed on with the intention to moor at Tixall Wide if there was room, which there wasn't so we carried on to above Tixall lock were we have moored and an excellent mooring it is too.


Monday, June 06, 2011

Etruria to Stone

A dull start to this morning, but the sun eventually came out. An eventful trip today, as we had a lady boater fall in the canal above bottom Meaford lock as I was passing them in the pound. No damage done apart from her pride, but she was amazed she did not lose her glasses.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Etruria Festival; The 2nd Day

Yet another great day here at Etruria, although there were some spits and spots of rain, it didn't dampen the spirits. Jo spent some time on the WoW stand with the children today. We had a steady flow of visitors asking us questions about Hadar, and our way of life, etc. We also met a few more friends from Tinternet, and was great to see them. We have thoroughly enjoyed our weekend here, and look forward to returning again in the future.


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Etruria Festival; The 1st Day

We have had a very busy day today, lots of people wanting to ask lots of questions, which makes a nice change. Met a few internet friends who turned up, which was great to see them. We finished the evening off with a massed take-out curry order. Jo and I have retired early as we are both pooped, and hardly able to keep our eyes open.


Friday, June 03, 2011

Stone to Etruria

What a brilliant day weatherwise, as we moved from Stone to Etruria where we will be for the Festival weekend. We have just sat outside with all the other boaters attending the festival and had a superb fish & chip supper. We are looking forward to a busy weekend.