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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Compton to Swindon



Then the domestic alternator packed up today. It has been playing up last couple of days, but now looks like it has gone completely. Have to find somewhere where we can get it replaced. So we have stopped at Swindon to do some further testing. Thank goodness we have the generator for little emergencies like this. Things got worse at Botterham staircase locks, where the intermediate gates and lock wall were leaking so badly I got a soaking, shirt and waistcoat now hanging up to dry. We will have a look around Swindon, although I suspect there isn't a lot here, apart from the 3 pubs that is.


3 comments: said...

Keith and Jo,

The best fish and chips in the world are at Swindon' don't pass without trying them.


Graham Booth said...

Hello Keith,

If you are looking for a marine engineer/electrician, you could try Richard Milligan on 07973 826260. He lives on a boat and is often in the Swindon area. If not, he has a van.

The boat is an Orion traditional boat with a Large Lister propulsion engine (not sure which) and a single cylinder Lister running a generator.

Keith Lodge said...

Hello Evelyn, as we had fish & chips at Compton the day before, we will have to try Swindon next time we pass through.

Graham: many thanks for that, we met Richard at High Onn on the Shroppie as he was fixing the boat moored behind us, he is going to Stourbridge for the weekend. I have a source for the alternator in Hereford, I just need to find someone in Kidderminster who can get it delivered to them, remove the pulley off the old alternator and fit it to the new on. We were chatting to BW staff at Greensforge lock and they have suggested trying Stones in Kidderminster, so will see if I can contact them. We will be seeing you tomorrow some time.