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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swindon to Whittington

A cool start which as the morning got near to midday a slight drizzle started to appear, more annoying than anything really wet. We had intended to moor at Kinver, but no luck, all the moorings were taken, so we carried onto Whittington lock, and have moored up just below it, on a very nice mooring.

Further testing of the alternator yesterday proved it was completed legs up in the air, with no volts what so ever coming out of it.

Hopefully we can sort out a replacement fairly soon.



Dave Winter said...

Try these if you get stuck for a supplier,

Keith Lodge said...

No problem with suppliers. The manufacturers have specific suppliers in UK of which we have contacted the nearest one. The main problem was finding a company who we could have it delivered to, and be able to remove the pulley from the old alt and fit it to the new one, but sorted on that front too. Amazing what you can find on the internet, and local knowledge from BW staff.