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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whittington to Kidderminster

2 Short journeys today. The first was to Evelyn & Graham Booths home, where we spent a very lovely couple of hours catching up on all their news. Evelyn did us a very nice salad for lunch, she is such a sweetie! We have left one of our Measham teapots with Graham to try to improve it's looks. This is one of the 3 teapots we bought at auction which Jo really likes, as it is larger than the others we have, a darker shade of glazing, and is the oldest of them, dating from 1879. We have seen some of Graham's previous restoration work and trust him to do his best for us.

Just as we set off the rain started but soon stopped by the time we got to the next lock. We arrived at the Sainsbury's moorings at Kidderminster to find them completely empty, where is everyone? Something we said? Comments on the back of a dirty postcard only please.

We will be staying here for the weekend. I received a message on my phone to say the alternator was due to be delivered at 3:00pm today, so tomorrow morning we will take the defunct one off the engine and take it to have the pulley swapped over. We have never been to Kidderminster before so are looking forward to exploring. I am especially interested in visiting the Severn Valley Railway, which I have travelled on before when my friend, who used to transport my exhibition model railway around the country, and I came this way to an exhibition at Telford in 1999, and we arrived early as Trevor wanted to take advantage of being this way to spend a whole day visiting the railway.


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