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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stourport to Worcester

A dull morning, but we set off with apprehension, heading down through the basin locks, and onto the River Severn. Now was the time to see if the new prop really performed. Anyone know where we can buy some cheap water skis?

Hadar certainly moves really well on the river, with only half an extra turn on the throttle wheel, she was flying, first time she has created a real bow wave. This stretch of the River is new to us both, and it looked very nice. The locks are quite interesting, very different from those on the River Thames. We were soon approaching Worcester, and turned into the first of the 2 locks into Diglis Basin, which has obviously changed since I was last here in 1997, I don't recognise much, then on through to the visitor moorings above bridge No.2. Time to explore Worcester now.

Visitor moorings just outside Diglis Basin, on the Worcs & Birm Canal.


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