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Monday, July 23, 2007

Decorateded Boatmans Cabin.

Decorated Boatman's Cabin.
With completion getting ever nearer Keith spent the weekend fitting the last few handles to the galley window doors and the necessary warning labels to meet the safety certificate requirements. I fitted the curtains I made, in the boatman's cabin, and then Keith fitted the numerous lace and ribbon plates he has collected over the years, ready for this very day.
Today Roger is making the removable perspex windows to fit in the galley doors.
The photos below are just more views of the decorated boatman's cabin.

The Stove Area.

I reckon over the coming years there will be many a good casserole cooked in the stove, and curry standing on the top, so if you are cruising past and a waft of curry hits your senses, it is probably coming from our boat LOL.

Stove and Table as Seen from Counter.

My Curtains.
The finished cabin we think looks wonderful and very homely, it is our touch of paradise. I made the curtains from a large piece of material bought from a charity shop for just £1.49, it was an absolute bargin and looks fantastic with the lace. The overall finish is made even better with the roses and castles that Tina painted, everytime I look at those pictures I see something different. Tina has done a wonderful job with the back cabin, so a huge thank you to her for all her hard work.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

We Have Moved Onboard

Apologies for the lack of entries lately, things have been a little hectic here. We moved onboard Hadar Thursday last week, and Misty Lady went to her new owner this Tuesday. Despite Hadar being not quite finished we have settled in quite nicely, even Paddy thinks it is great, he has more doors to look out of. Everything works, electrics, hot & cold running water, gas, washing machine and the shower we both christened and it was fabulous compared to the one on Misty Lady, no bathside to have to step up over. Only thing we haven't tested yet is the generator, but we need to take the boat to Stone Boat Builders to fill her up with diesel to be able to do that. When I say fill her up, she takes 150 gallons, 862litres, I hope they have enough for us!!!

Polishing & Stringing

Dressed from the Bow.

As many of you must be aware the weather has not been great, but when the weather held out for long enough I polished all the brass, then helped me Keith fit all the new white strings to the sheeting. Tina was able to touchup some of the paintwork, and gave the boatman's cabin it's final coat of varnish. True to form of late the heavens opened, so rain stopped play.
Dressed from the Stern.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hadar's Relaunch

Wednesday was quite a day for Keith and I because it was Relaunch day for Hadar. She was getting to see the daylight in her new colours for the first time. The weather was not the best, but it was as good as we were going to get, sunshine and heavy showers were forecast, and that was what we got.
Tina the boat painter had done an amazing job on Hadar's paintwork, and now everyone can see it in its full glory. So a huge thank you to Tina for doing such a wonderful job.

Hadar Ready to Come Out.

Despite the weather yesterday, Roger decided to go ahead with relaunching Hadar. The first stage of her journey begins with rolling her out manually until one strap can be placed around the stern. Then it gets easier as a lift of the stern and the crane drags her out far enough to be able to get the lifting cradle in the right position.

Gently Does It.

At this stage the bow is rolling on rollers inside the shed. It all has to be taken very slowly stopping and checking at regular intervals to make sure everything is going alright.

Halfway Out.

Once she is far enough out of the shed to get the full lifting cradle and both straps on things can move a bit quicker, if a bit precariously. From this point she has to be fully extracted from the shed and then turned through 90° without hitting the main unit, there is not a lot of room for error with a 70' boat.

Full Lift from Now.

With the bow now clear of the unit it is plain sailing from here, everyone back breath again.

Nearly There.

Safely back in the water and hopefully no scratches in the new paintwork. It was a fantastic day, despite the rain. Nothing dampens our spirits. We are now very close to having her finished.

Safely Back in the Water.
Keep watching this space as Hadar is finished. It was an emotional day for us both seeing our new boat go back in the water safely. Thank you Roger for giving her a smooth journey from the paintshed. We are now wearing perminant smiles and will continue to do so for many years to come. We will have more news next week so see you then.

Week Thirty-Six

The Nearly Completed Engine Room Doors.

Well the painting of Hadar is nearly finished. The blue on the inside of the engine room doors has been completed. The doors just need a final touch up tomorrow and she will be ready for craning back into the water, weather depending. The counter deck has received it's 2 coats of red oxide, and the boatman's cabin has had a coat of varnish.
The Completed Counter Deck.

The Finished Engine Room Doors.

Today is now all about waiting. Hadar's paintwork is completed and she is ready to come out of the paintshed. We are just waiting for the weather to settle down. It could be today, but more than likely tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see.

Flywheel Cover.

The Covers in the engine room have been painted and fitted. The red one is to cover the flywheel, and the green one covers the alternators. These should protect both crew and especially Paddy from injury.

Alternator Cover.

The cover over the calorifer has also been fitted. All these covers are easily removable for access and maintenance work.

Calorifier Cover.