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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Lapworth Visitor Moorings to Saltisford Arm, 8.1 miles, 27 locks, 1 tunnel

Last day of our Autumn cruise.
Last 6 Lapworth locks.

Leaving the Stratford canal via the Lapworth link.

Approaching Kingswood junction and the Grand Union.

We helped another boater rescue a boat that had pulled its mooring pins.
Approaching Shrewley tunnel.

Hatton top lock, we had nb Yonderly join us here to share the Hatton locks.

Sharing locks with nb Yonderly.

Approaching Saltisford Arm.

Hadar now moored in her new mooring at the start of the arm. Some of the advantages of this mooring is that it is straight, does not have a concrete block in it, and we do not have to go to the winding hole to wind, we can come straight in and reverse out. 
Lots to do with the mooring so we have to get cracking.


Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Birmingham to Visitor Moorings between Lock 14-15 Lapworth Locks, 17.8 miles, 13 locks, 1 tunnel

This morning we headed out of Birmingham, weather-wise it was drizzle of and on mixed in with sunshine.
Brindley Place.

Gas Street basin and onto the Worcester & Birmingham canal.


King's Norton junction, where we turned onto the North Stratford canal.

looks like some work going to be down on the toll house at King's Norton.

No.1 lock at King's Norton.

Not the best day to be painting pylons!

CRT's new environmentally friendly cyclist trap!

Brandwood tunnel.

Lapworth locks.

Another one.

Prettiest lock cottage.

One way of topping up the canal from the field!

Still raining.

Now moored on the visitor moorings between Lock 14-15 Lapworth locks.


Monday, September 30, 2019

Black Country Living Museum to Birmingham, 8.7 miles 3 locks 1 tunnel

At the end of a great gathering weekend at the Black Country Living Museum yesterday, we ran our generator to top up the batteries. However after half an hour it died and will not restart. It tries to turn over but fails. 
So this morning we started to head back to home.

In Factory top lock.

Leaving Factory bottom lock.

Bromford junction.

M5 and Wolverhampton level crossings.

Galton tunnel.

Engine arm aqueduct.

Smethwick junction.

Approaching Birmingham.

Approaching Sheepcote Street bridge.

Now moored opposite The Arena, Birmingham. 


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Tipton to Black Country Museum, 0.5 miles no locks

We had a great day Saturday at the festival, but Sunday was damp and the crowds stayed away. So did some of the traders, so we set up a tea party in the shelter of an abandoned gazebo.

At 4.00pm some of us set off for the Black Country Museum, the others wanting to get into the museum arm whilst the lift bridge was open. We are now moored up outside.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Windmill End to Tipton, 10.3 miles, 3 locks, 3 tunnels

We set off on my Birthday along the Dudley No.2 canal to Hawne Basin, entering Gosty Hill tunnel.

Entering Hawne Basin where we topped up with diesel.

Leaving Hawne Basin.

Gosty Hill tunnel again.

Windmill End junction.

Netherton tunnel

Now moored alongside Leo ready for the Tipton Canal & Community Festival.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Curdworth Top Lock to Windmill End, Netherton, 19.5 miles, 24 locks, 2 tunnels, 10hrs 40mins.

It's been a long day, so only a brief posting tonight. Continued up the B&F to Salford junction, then we did the entire Tame Valley canal, so we have now done the whole of the BCN. Then onto the Walsall canal, Wednesbury Old canal, new main line, and finally Netherton branch. Now moored at Windmill End, Netherton. 


Monday, September 16, 2019

Alvecote Marina to Curdworth Top Lock, 9.5 miles, 13 locks

This morning we left Alvecote Marina after a great weekend with friends.
Crossing the River Tame.

Turning into the Birmingham & Fazeley canal at Fazeley junction.

Drayton swing and foot bridges.

Leaving Curdworth bottom lock.

Approaching Curdworth top lock.

Now moored just above Curdworth top lock.


Friday, September 13, 2019

Alvecote to Glascote to Alvecote Marina, 4.2 miles no locks

Well that was a trip and a half!

We set off this morning to Glascote, winded at the winding hole, moored up and walked to Aldi for a food shop.
Everything fine so far, we returned to Hadar, and set off back to Alvecote, but we didn't get far.
We had to stop as the ignition light was on.
The starter alternator fan-belt had died.
Not a great problem as we carry spares of all our fan-belts.
But did have to take the engine water cooling pump off, and loosen the domestic alternator to remove their fan-belts to be able to fit the new starter one!
Soon sorted and off again.
Now moored in Alvecote Marina for the weekend.