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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Welsh Road Lock to Saltisford Arm

 This morning we left from below Welsh Road lock at 9:00am, back on our home mooring at 12:40pm, 3hrs 40mins, 7 locks. /// quick.lovely.good

Latish start this morning again, I am still wasn't feeling very well, I have a very sore throat, but we set off anyway. Sunny, warm. We shared all the locks with Jane and Paul on Narrowboat Satinwood.

HS2 works

HS2 works

Satinwood who we shared all 7 locks with

The Moorings at Myton

1st time actually got a train passing under the canal

The River Avon

Kate Boats at Warwick looks very empty whilst they are now fully operating from Stockton whilst the building work goes on around their site

Warwick Hospital

The new staff car park for Warwick Hospital

1st of the 2 Cape locks

We finally have a finger post, shame it is in the wrong place

Back home in the Saltisford Arm, almost home


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wigrams Turn to Below Welsh Road Lock

This morning we left from just before Wigrams turn at 10:20am, moored just below Welsh Road lock at 4:50pm, 6hrs 30mins, 17 locks. /// functions.fussy.tummy 

Late start this morning again, I still wasn't feeling very well, but we set off anyway. Sunny, warm, but some spots of rain during Stockton locks.

Turning at Wigrams turn

Approaching Calcutt top lock

Leaving Calcutt bottom lock

Glamping at Nelson's wharf

Nelson's wharf

Kate boats at Stockton top marina

Stockton top lock

The Blue Lias

Warwickshire Flyboat Co.

Pulling alongside Andy and Pam's boat so we can see their new house they are building

Bascote staircase locks

Now moored below Welsh Road lock


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Norton Junction to Wigrams Turn

 This morning we left from near Norton junction at 10:45am, moored just before Napton junction at 2:40pm, 3hrs 55mins, 6 locks 1 tunnel. ///  worm.vessel.remarks

Late start this morning, I wasn't feeling very well, and at 1st we thought we would stay where we were, but eventually I felt better and decided to move.

Sunny, warm but very windy. See captions of photos for details. 😊

Entering Braunston tunnel

Inside Braunston tunnel, with boats coming towards us

Historic boats leaving Braunston after the Historic Boat Rally at Braunston over the weekend

More historic boats leaving Braunston

Admiral Nelson pub at lock 3

More historic boats leaving Braunston

Braunston bottom lock

Victoria and Mercury with Aldgate behind


Butchers bridge

Braunston turn

Now moored just before Wigrams turn

Monday, June 27, 2022

Welford to Norton Junction

 This morning we left Welford at 9:05am, moored just past Norton junction at 4:25pm, 7hrs 20mins, 8 locks 1 tunnel. /// ballooned.etchings.shortcuts

Wet and dry, wet and dry morning, started off wet this morning, Jo lit the back cabin stove but rain stopped by the time we got to Watford locks and it warmed up nicely.

We were supposed to be in dry dock at Welford today, but Les has gone down with Covid 😟

We are now returning to our mooring and will have to see what happens with my hospital appointment next month before we can rebook the dry dock. 

Approaching Welford junction

Fields soon to be harvested


Canalside glamping

Fuel boat Hampstead moored at Yelvertoft

Charlie on Beulieu

Cracks hill near Crick

Crick marina

The Moorings restaurant at Crick is looking very sad since it has closed

Entering Crick tunnel

Inside Crick tunnel with the restored quartz halogen bulb in the tunnel lamp

Fender garden of the year?


Top Watford lock

Last of the 4 staircase locks

Bottom lock

Approaching Norton junction

Now moored just after Norton junction