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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Stoke Golding to Hawkesbury Junction

 This morning we left Stoke Golding at 9:15am, stopped at Hinckley for a food shop at 10:20am, set off again at 12:00pm, moored at Hawkesbury junction 3:25pm, 4hr 30mins, no locks. /// gallons.region.plots 

Dull start sun did eventually appear but not for long.

Ashby Boat Company at Stoke Golding

A field

Temporary stop at Hinckley for a food shop, on the way we came across this pillar box topper

Food shop at Lidl

A farm

Very large daisies

1 mile to go

Last bridge ole before Marston junction

The 1st time we came onto the Ashby Canal it was because Roger Fuller told us about the Shackerstone festival, and we decided to go on Misty Lady, Hadar hadn't been built, and Rogers description of the Ashby was........

"Fields and bridges, fields and bridges, and the occasional farm", so hence the photos today

Now moored at Hawkesbury junction



David Cox said...

It so good after all the problems we've had we can get back to all most normal , stay safe the both of you. Keep blogging, Dave Cox..

Keith Lodge said...

We are still being cautious, wearing masks in supermarkets etc.