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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Rugby to Hawkesbury Junction

 This morning we left Rugby at 8:05am. Moored at Hawkesbury Junction, at 12:30pm, 4hrs 25mins, no locks. /// hidden.fake.finger

Dull start again this morning but the sun eventually came out and the donkey jacket came off.

Approaching Newbold tunnel

Yellow flag irises, we have seen quite a few so far

Piling work at Stretton wharf

Just when you need some trucks on the M6 they all disappear!

Avanti West Coast train

New towpath and banking before Ansty

Slight obstruction, took them a while to get it moved

No boats moored on the bend at Ansty?

Just the one then

Must be buttercup season, there are a lot about

Coventry Cruising Club

One for the pylon enthusiasts

Now moored at the northern end of the Oxford canal at Sutton stop, Hawkesbury

We are going to stop here till Monday as it is the 1st time we have ever been able to get a mooring this close to the junction, and the pub! which I have never been in before


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Braunston to Rugby

This morning we left Braunston at 8:25am. Moored at Boughton Park, Rugby, at 12:30pm, 4hrs 5mins,     3 locks. /// 

Dull start this morning but the sun soon came out.

We soon passed Amy Jack A Max as we left Braunston

Swans and their cygnets

The stables area improves every time we see it

The Royal Oak at Hillmorton is now The Waterside

The new houses at Hillmorton where the radio masts were are going up

At Hillmorton locks we passed Warbler

Canal Chef at Hillmorton locks

Grantham's bridge at Hillmorton locks

The new road bridge giving access to the new housing estate was being built last time we passed under

Moored at Boughton Park, Rugby

After lunch we did a food shop at Tesco's


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Napton to Braunston

 This morning we left Napton at 8:35am. Moored at Braunston, at 11:15am, 2hrs 40mins, no locks. 

/// caressed.skater.caked bright morning which warmed up nicely.

More buttercups

Family of swans and cygnets

Entrance to the Warwick to Napton section of the Grand Union

Wagram's Turn marina

Braunston church

Approaching Braunston turn

Now moored in Braunston

We walked to Braunston marina and went to Tradlines to purchase some new rope for Hadar

Lunch and a pint at The Boathouse

Then we went to Midland Chandlers to get some paint and weed hatch tape and returned to Hadar via Braunston turn where we met Ian and June on 'Amy Jack Amax' and had a cup of tea with them

The new stern line spliced ready to go on tomorrow

2 new centre lines spliced and fitted

New bow rope spliced and fitted


Monday, May 16, 2022

Fenny Compton to Napton

 This morning we left Fenny Compton at 8:40am. Moored at near the Folly In, Napton, at 1:15pm, 4hrs 35mins, 9 locks. /// bagpipes.jogged.bluntly 

A dull morning which threatened rain but it held off and we arrived at Napton in sunshine. 

That is one hell of a big mud pie! HS2 construction work

1st time I have manged to photograph some ducklings this trip

Old engine house arm

Napton water buffalo

Lock 11 of the Napton flight

Bottom lock of Napton flight

Now moored around the corner from the Folly Inn at Napton.

After lunch we took a walk into the village of Napton

The Post Office and store, our destination

The Folly Inn, closed today, no beer it is then.


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Weekends, Bank Holidays and School Holidays

 For those who do not know, we only move during school days except in exceptional circumstances.

In the past we have had problems with kids not at school at weekends, bank holidays and school holidays coming down to the canal and causing trouble, so some time ago we took the decision to only travel during school days.

It also gives us a break, and we can get jobs done which we can't do whilst on the move.

Also we can visit places of interest.


Friday, May 13, 2022

Cropredy to Fenny Compton

 This morning we left Cropredy at 8:45am. Moored at The Wharf Inn, Fenny Compton at 12:15pm, 3hrs 30mins, 9 locks. 

/// palettes.freedom.corporate

Leaving Cropredy lock.

Cropredy Marina, which wasn't here last time we passed by.

Clattercote Wharf

Clattercote Wharf

Oil seed rape field.

Approaching Fenny Compton tunnel

Fenny Compton Marina and service area

Moored near the Wharf Inn Fenny Compton.

After lunch we went to the Wharf Inn for a pint, met up with Gary & Denise off of narrowboat Columbus in the inn's garden and chatted with them all afternoon.