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Thursday, May 26, 2022


 This morning we took a walk to Measham, taking the new section of the restored canal as far as it goes now, then part of the proposed route. 

This has been the longest walk I have done for a long time, 2 miles each way.

The new section of canal beyond the present navigable terminus

The old engine pump house, now converted to houses

The 1st new bridge over the new section of canal

The present limit of restoration

We carried on the route of the old canal, it is marked with markers to follow

Gilwiskaw Brook where a new aqueduct will have to be built

Coal seam marker, it was the presence of coal seams which caused subsidence and the closure of this section of the canal

One of the information boards describing places along the line of the abandoned canal

One of the new access gates, clearly marked

Measham railway station building which houses the Measham museum, it is behind this building that the restored canal will eventually run along the old railway line

Platform side of the station where the canal will eventually pass through the station area

Measham High St

Someone is ready for the Jubilee

St Lawrence church

Robin's Nest where we had a much needed cup of tea and a slice of toast

Measham village sign

More information about the restoration of the Ashby canal can be found at


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