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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moored at Stoke Bruerne

We are now moored in Stoke Bruerne, having shared the 7 locks with nb Manderlay on our 4.2 mile cruise, which took 3 hours 15 minutes. Having found a mooring we had lunch at the Spice of Bruerne, and very nice it was again.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cosgrove to Yardley Gobion.

Hi Friends.

We left our Cosgrove overnight mooring at 9.05 am and headed up through Cosgrove Lock sharing with NB Free Spirit, we were both heading for the Sanitary Station. The actual block is being worked on at the moment, but you can still take on water and empty cassette's. The workmen have laid on facilities, whilst they work on the block. After a short cruise of 2.7 miles we found a mooring having only been on the move for 1 hr 15 minutes. We are now moored out in the countryside between Bridge 62 & 63, between Cosgrove and Yardley Gobion, where we will probably stay for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great Linford to Cosgrove.

Hi Friends.

We are moored between Cosgrove lock and the Great Ouse Aqueduct. We did a food shop at Tescos at Wolverton on the way, during the drizzle, which stopped by the time we got here. Just have to decide whether to stay here or to head for Stoke Bruerne for the weekend, decisions decisions?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now at Great Linford.

Yesterday we moored at Fenny Stratford, after an early start. We spent the day at Bletchley Park, which was very interesting and well worth a visit.

We are now moored at Linford Wharf, having cruised 5.8 miles, worked no locks, in 2hrs 25mins. We are going to have a wander around Great Linford to see what there is here, as it is a medieval village.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Globe Inn to Stoke Hammond.

After a night of continuous heavy rain we decided to make a move and are moored at bridge 106, Stoke Hammond. With the rain stopping it seemed like a good idea to go. We even had some blue sky during our journey. The pounds are a little low on water, making it fun in places. Off to visit Stoke Hammond after lunch to see what is there.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Leighton Buzzard to near The Globe Inn.

We are now moored halfway between Leighton Buzzard lock, and The Globe Inn having cruised 1.27 miles, worked 1 lock, in 1hr 35mins. Stopped at Tesco's on the way for food shopping. We passed Carrie's NB Blackbird, but she was not around. A few jobs to do over the weekend on the boat, replace the broken circulation pump for the back boiler, grease the UV joints and rear bearing, check oil level in the gearbox, start to clean out the bilge under the boatman's cabin floor, polish the engine, and anything else we can think of in the mean time. Suggestions on the back of a post card please.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Great Seabrook to Leighton Buzzard.

Hi Friends.

After a really lovely cruise this morning we are now moored near the old railway bridge of the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway, having cruised 5.35 miles, worked 7 locks, in 3hrs 10mins.
Having walked into town and bought a few bits and bobs, we had a very welcome visitor call on us. Carrie off of NB Blackbird joined us onboard for a coffee and a good old catch up on news. I do love a good old chinwag. Thanks Carrie for coming to see us.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marsworth to Great Seabrook.

Hello Dear Readers.

Only a short jaunt today. We are now safely moored above bottom Seabrook lock, having done 2.75 miles, 1 swingbridge, 4 locks, in 1hr 30mins.

At the bottom of the Marsworth pair, we met up with Turnothworld a copy of a Bridgewater Tug built by Roger Fuller in 1998. She looked absolutely splendid having just been repainted. Roger and crew are heading for the National Festival at Beale Park. It was nice to see them again, albeit very briefly.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cowroast to the bottom of the Marsworth Flight.

We are now moored below the Marsworth flight, after a nice cruise down, with pretty views, having done 3.5 miles, worked 7 locks, in 2hrs 40mins.
We had lunch at the Angler's Retreat, and very nice it was too, followed off with a Mint and Choc Chip Ice Cream from Bluebells, first time it has been open when we have been passing through. It was extremely yummy.
This afternoon we were hailed by a voice which sounded familiar. Poking my head out of the galley window I was greeted by Les on NB Valerie. It was lovely to see Les and Sue. It has been a fair old while since we last saw him. We had a few moments to catch up with him, before he had to enter the lock with another boat. Hopefully it will not be so long before we see Les again.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Berkhamsted to Cowroast.

We are now moored above Cowroast lock, alongside the marina. Having done 2.38 miles, 7 locks, in 2hrs 40mins. Good deepwater mooring here, just how we like it. After lunch we went to the Chandlery to get some bits for work that needs to be done before the Winter.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hemel Hempstead to Berkhamsted.

Hi folks.

We are now moored in Berkhamsted, it has been a good run with lots of boats travelling to the IWA National and most of the locks in our favour. We are now enjoying some lunch having done 3.85 miles, worked 12 locks, 1 swingbridge in 3hrs 55mins.

We met NB Vagabond with Bob and Nichola onboard, at Winkwell. They came out of the next lock as I was opening the swingbridge, so that worked out really well. Maybe next time we meet, we may get more time to chat about highs and lows of being a blogger. Nice to meet you both, if you are reading this, happy cruising.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kings Langley to Hemel Hempstead.

We are now moored at Hemel Hempstead, having cruised 2.85 miles, worked 5 locks, in 2hrs. We are moored opposite B&Q, which is on the site of the Rose's Lime Juice Factory. Keith can remember the last boats to carry lime juice, from Brentford dock to here, to be made into the famous drink. We walked up into Hemel and had a buffet lunch at the Dragon Garden, and very scrummy it was too. Then we walked upto Jordans Antique Centre and browsed through the lace and ribbon plates, Measham and other goodies. It is like stepping back in time.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Cassiobury Park to Kings Langley.

Having enjoyed a lovely weekend moored up below the Cassiobury pair of locks we are now moored in a deep water mooring opposite Toovey's Mill Race, Kings Langley, we cruised 3.45 miles, climbed 8 locks, in 3hrs.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rickmansworth to Cassiobury Park.

Hi Friends.

Having done a food shop at Tesco, we enjoyed a short cruise this morning and have now found a deep water mooring in Cassiobury Park, just above Ironbridge lock, having done 3.4 miles, 5 locks, in 2hrs 20mins. We will be here for the weekend. Might even set up shop and try to sell bits and bobs, a lot depends on the weather though.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Black Jack's to Rickmansworth.

Hi Friends.

We have successfully made it to Rickmansworth. I say successfully as as soon as we set off from our mooring above Black Jack's lock this morning the engine died. We were heading towards the island, and managed to get her tied up, sort of with some help from people on the island. To clean the oil filter yesterday Keith had drained some diesel out of the fuel filter, which had created an air lock. Having worked out what the problem was, we soon had it sorted out and were on our way again, but not after having a coffee with John off of Lincoln and Jane who owns the land. Thank you to everyone who helped us out.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Opposite Harefield Marina to above Black Jack's Lock.

Hi Friends.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend on the mooring opposite Harefield Marina. We also got the chance to meet up with family at the Horse and Barge, which was very enjoyable.
After a short jaunt we are now moored above Black Jack's lock. Another short run this morning, 1.16 miles, in 55mins but at least we did 2 locks this morning.

Having enjoyed our first coffee of the day, we then did an oil change on the engine, giving our old oil to the owner of Lincoln, who runs his DM3 on old engine oil. With lunch done and dusted, I was in the engine room, when a voice said "We like your blog" It was John and Judith on NB Serena who were travelling with NB Ubique. They are heading for the National Festival at Beale Park. As always it was nice to meet one of our blog readers. We look forward to seeing them again and with any luck we may spend a little more time chatting. Thank you for popping in and reading our blog. Have a safe trip and an enjoyable time at the festival.