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Monday, August 16, 2010

Cowroast to the bottom of the Marsworth Flight.

We are now moored below the Marsworth flight, after a nice cruise down, with pretty views, having done 3.5 miles, worked 7 locks, in 2hrs 40mins.
We had lunch at the Angler's Retreat, and very nice it was too, followed off with a Mint and Choc Chip Ice Cream from Bluebells, first time it has been open when we have been passing through. It was extremely yummy.
This afternoon we were hailed by a voice which sounded familiar. Poking my head out of the galley window I was greeted by Les on NB Valerie. It was lovely to see Les and Sue. It has been a fair old while since we last saw him. We had a few moments to catch up with him, before he had to enter the lock with another boat. Hopefully it will not be so long before we see Les again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith and Jo,
It was lovely to meet you, sorry I had to rush off to set the lock. Bloomin' heavy they are along that stretch! Glad to know Keith is feeling so much better.
Happy cruising,

Anonymous said...

PS - we had dinner at The Angler's Retreat. Very nice, too.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Sue. It was lovely to meet you too. Hopefully next time we may have more time to chat. Hope all is going well for you and Les. Jo x