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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Visitor for Christmas

 We have a visitor for Christmas, this is Lucy, we are looking after her so her Dad can go and stay with family for Christmas. She has settled in already. 😊


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

7 Broken Wagons

 Today this lot of 7 wagons/chassis' arrived and at £7.01 they were a bargain.

This afternoon I have started to repair and rebuild them.

This box van body fitted straight onto one of the chassis', I also fitted metal wheelsets to it.

I have fitted metal wheelsets to this guards van, it need a new roof.

I have fitted metal wheelsets to this guards van, it is now complete.

I have fitted metal wheelsets and new couplings to this wagon. 

I have fitted metal wheelsets and 1 new coupling to the shunters truck.

It still needs some repair work to the handrails to complete.

The 3 completed wagons will need some repairs to the paintwork to finish.


Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Shunters Truck

At the end of October I purchased this kit for a shunters truck. 

Upon opening it I discovered a piece was missing from the end of one piece. As you can imagine I wasn't to impressed with this discovery. I had since been looking on eBay for RtR models of a shunters truck, but they sell for more than I wanted to pay, which is why I bought the kit in the 1st place, it was cheaper. I have put off building it until a couple of days ago having had time to think about what to do. 

I had built the majority of the wagon to the point of replacing the missing piece, which I have managed to do yesterday. The repair is the 2 pieces of white plastic.

 Today I completed the construction with the final handrail joined to the repair.

Late this afternoon I sprayed it with primer.

Earlier this eveneing I sprayed it with satin black.

This morning I completed the painting of the shunters truck.
I just need to add transfers and weather it to finish.

It goes well with the class 08 shunter.

Transfers applied to the shunters truck this afternoon.

I will leave it overnight so they set before weathering it.


Sunday, December 05, 2021

Brake Van Transfers

 Today I added transfers to these 2 brake vans.

They just need some weathering once the transfers have had time to set overnight.


Overhead Live Wire Warning Flashes

 This morning I fitted some overhead live wire warning flash transfers to my class 08, class 20 & class 31.

The class 08.

The class 20.

The class 31.


British Railways/Sulzer Type 4 1Co-Co1 Loco (Class 45)

 This British Railways/Sulzer type 4 1Co-Co1 loco (Class 45) arrived 18th November and since then I have been working on it.

It needs a lot of work on it, but it was cheap.

The 1st task was to fit some wheels to the extreme pairs of pony trucks which had had the wheels removed and were not included in the purchase.

New wheelset fitted to one bogie, I did the same to both bogies.

 I have ordered a pair of buffer beams as these seem to be missing from both ends.

Also there is no end to one of the bogies, I have thought of fixing a snowplough this end.

This end just need a buffer beam.

 I have a set of FlushGlaze ready to fit.

I am also going to rename it from "The Manchester Regiment" to "Royal Warwickshire Fusilier" and it will have to be renumbered from D49 to D59.

Snowplough fitted.

FlushGlaze fitted to all windows.

New buffer beams arrived and removed from the fret.

Buffers fitted to the buffer beams.

Buffer beams primered.

Buffer beams painted red.

Buffer beams fitted, Class 45's were unique in that the buffer beams were fitted to the bogies and not the bodywork like other diesel locos. 

New 'The Royal Warwickshire  Fusiliers' nameplates fitted.

Finally I changed the D49 to the correct D59.