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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Garden Statues


We were walking past the recycling bins at Sainsbury’s this morning and spotted these 2 stone statues dumped in front of the bins, so we brought them back to our garden and made a home for them, we do love freebies!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Successful Nose Operation

Tuesday afternoon I had my nose operation at Warwick Hospital. The procedure is called Septoplasty.  The procedure usually involves a judicious excision/realignment of a portion of the bone and/or cartilage in the nasal cavity. My procedure was conducted under general anaesthesia, the surgeon worked through the left nostril, making an incision in the lining of the septum to reach the bone/cartilage targeted in the operation. Sufficient bone/cartilage is preserved for structural support whilst removing enough to afford the nasal passage to be larger and thus to remove the restricted airflow. After the septum was straightened, the nasal passage was blocked with a temporary gel pack which dissolves in time, to allow the wound to heal without interference from breathing, mucous production and sneezing.

I was supposed to only stop in over night, but they kept me in for 2 nights due to the nasal bleeding, especially the bleeding from the right nostril, which wasn’t supposed to happen, but this all stopped during Wednesday and the doctor was happy for me to go home Thursday morning when he checked it was all ok.

It has been uncomfortable as both nostrils started off to be blocked, and I could not blow my nose, breathe through my nose or especially sneeze, which I do a lot normally, but I have to make sure that when I do sneeze I only do it through my mouth. I have had to breathe through my mouth which dried my mouth out.

I have some spray that is French sea water, which is supposed to help clean the nasal passages. Today I can actually now breathe through both nostrils which is a bit more comfortable, although there is still some discomfort around the nasal area, hardly surprising considering what has been done.

I am looking forward to being actually able to breathe through it more easily than I was, which is why I opted to have the operation. I didn’t have to have the operation, in fact my GP said I could just leave it and live with it, but fortunately operations do not scare me and I would rather have it, than suffer as I was.


Friday, May 16, 2014

An Extended House



All made possible since buying the Set 4 instruction booklet, which has some much larger buildings, but this is the only one I can build at present as the others require parts that I do not have. I am keeping an eye out on eBay for them though.

This afternoon Jo and I went to Warwick hospital for my pre-op assessment for my nose operation next week. Everything was going well until the nurse wanted a blood sample, we did warn her. Two nurses and 3 puncture wounds later and some blood did come out.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Modified Bayko Roof.

Yesterday I modified one of my Bayko roofs which was broken, to create larger extension options.



It can extend a building by 2x4 bricks compared to the original size as seen in the lower photo of 1x3 bricks. Unfortunately my attempt to saw the original roof was not too successful as it cracked, and as can be seen in the top photo, a chip appeared. The missing piece is somewhere down beside our engine, which will have to be recovered at some time.


Friday, May 09, 2014

More Bayko Creations


A Pair of small semi-detached houses and a detached house with garage.


A pair of larger semi’s and a modified detached house with garage. This is about the limit of what I can make with all the Bayko items I have.


This is the box in which I keep all my Bayko, it is pretty much full when everything is inside it. It measures 18”x12”x6”.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Our Garden is Coming Along Nicely


Our Yucca plant flower is very much in evidence now.

Our fruit bushes are also starting to sprout.


Our sole Blackcurrant bush.



1 of 3 Raspberry bushes.



Gooseberry bushes.



Even our potatoes are making a good show.

Jo has some other vegetable seeds to plant in the near future, the recent overnight threat of frosts has stopped us from sowing them just yet.


Saturday, May 03, 2014

New Printer

HP 1050A Printer

Today we bought an HP Deskjet 1050A All-in-One Printer for £30 to replace our old Epson one, which we have been having problems with for some time now. It is a lot smaller, due to not having the capability to handle A3 paper, which we don’t need to do anyway. Being that much smaller is a distinct advantage on the boat.

Some good news, yesterday and today for the first time I have not had any abdominal pain, it has been a long time, over 3 months, but probably the final step to full recovery, apart from continuing to build up my muscle strength.