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Friday, June 30, 2017

Stockton Top Lock to the Blue Lias

Having got as much as possible completed on the new generator installation (bar the fitting of the raw water inlet through the hull which will be done whilst we are in dry dock this coming month), today we moved down to the Blue Lias. This has been the first occasion whilst travelling past that there has been space to moor up. We are both looking forward to our evening meal here tonight, although we have already had a pint each of Doombar when we first arrived. We also had a pleasant walk around Stockton Reservoir, which is used for fishing.




Thursday, June 29, 2017

Almost Finished

All installed except for the raw water intake, which will be installed whilst in dry dock next month.

Fuel filter/water trap and 2nd fuel filter fitted and connected.


Cooling system expansion tank fitted and connected.


The exhaust pipe connected to the hull outlet. The 12v for the starter was also connected.



Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Generator Exhaust, Fuel Pump and Fuel Hoses

Some good progress today. The water lock (Silencer) is attached to a support plate and positioned on the baseplate in the boatman's cabin.


The exhaust pipes coming to and from the water lock, into the engine room, underneath the floor.


The exhaust pipe outlet from the generator connected to the exhaust pipe to the water lock, the other pipe still to be connected to the exhaust outlet in the hull.


Fuel pipe fitted to the bulkhead, where the fuel filter/water trap was mounted, which will be mounted above the fuel pump. The fuel return hose has also been connected it can just about be seen in the photo.



Beauty And The Barge (1945)

Monday, June 26, 2017

New Generator Goes In

Today our new generator was installed in Hadar’s engine room. The steel plate was placed on the calorifier mounts to aid sliding the new generator into place.


The new generator is lifted out of its packing crate.


Lowering the new generator into the engine room through the side doors.


In position and fixed down onto the original generator mounting blocks. A big sigh of relief that it not only fits in, but there is room for all the pipes etc. to come out.


With its soundproof cocoon temporarily installed, the calorifier reinstalled and the shelf/step above it refitted.



Friday, June 23, 2017

Generator Replacement

Monday 12th, we have a phone call from Rob at Kate Boats asking when we could be at their Stockton Top Marina for removing our dead generator and installing the new one. I said we could set off tomorrow (Tuesday 13th) and be with them Wed/Thurs sometime. However since setting off we have been out of reach of any WIFI, until today, so this is a catch-up.
 Tuesday 13th, we set off early and stopped briefly at the Lidl moorings In Leamington for a food shop.
Then we continued onto Long Itchington and moored near the Two Boats Inn, and had dinner there, we bot had the steak and ale pie which was stuffed with steak, yummy!
Wednesday 14th, We set off up the Stockton flight of locks and arrived at Stockton Top Marina and moored alongside the wet dock so that Rob and Nick could assess how they were going to get the old generator out.
As they would not be able to start work until next week, with estimated delivery of the new generator being Thursday 20th and turn around of their hire fleet over the weekend, we thought we would leave them in peace for the weekend, and head to Braunston which we needed to do to do some chandlery shopping.
Thursday 15th, we left the marina and moored up at Bridge 103.
Friday 16th, we set off for and arrived at Braunston and were able to get a mooring near the turn. We did our chandlery shopping which was mostly paint.
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th, Spent both days moored in Braunston, enjoying the sunshine, we had lunch on Saturday at the Boathouse. Whilst here I sold 2 rag rugs, one via eBay and one to a boater moored at Braunston for the historic boat rally next weekend.
Monday 19th, We moved off early and moored at our favourite spot near Wigram’s Turn.
Tuesday 20th, We set off early to avoid the expected heat, and arrived back at Stockton Top Marina, ready for removing the old generator Wednesday. We moored were they wanted us to be able to remove the old generator.
Wednesday 21st, the old generator comes out. We had to remove the calorifier so that the generator would slide sideways on a steel plate to below the engine room doors, using a block and tackle to take the 200Kg weight. Once in this position it was then easy to lift out using an extendable fork lift.
Thursday 22nd, the new generator arrives.
Whilst Rob works out how to mount the generator, and make the appropriate bearers to fit onto the original generator mounts, I fitted the control board into our existing DC panel.
Later in the afternoon we move Hadar to where the new generator will be loaded from, and also to clear the mooring which they need for their returning hire boats for turnaround on Friday.