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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello, Goodbye.

Good afternoon folks.

It has been a manic couple of days. What with sorting out Keith's hospital appointments and painting the boat. The appointments situation at the moment is all done and now we just wait for the day to arrive. This was all thanks to PALS (Patients Advisory Liason Service). We completely recommend them if you are having problems with your hospital.

On Monday 26th May. We welcomed back Mo and Nessa (
NB Balmaha) as they arrived back at the basin, to be reunited with their boat, after a very busy weekend, at their daughters wedding. Go to their blog and have a look at the fabulous photographs of the big day.

Like with any time away, their food cupboards and fridge were empty and they would need to do a shop for provisions, so we all decided that we would have a goodbye meal in The Waterfront Restaurant at the basin. So having walked Paddy and donned our better looking clothes, we walked the Twenty feet from Mo and Nessa's boat into the restaurant. Nessa had asked if we could be seated under the photograph of Hadar, which was really sweet of her. One of the waiters very kindly took the photograph for us. The meal itself was sublime. We all enjoyed our main course and even managed puds. If your in the Market Harborough area, come and have a meal at The Waterfront, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday it was time to say goodbye to Mo and Nessa, as they left with Nessa's mum onboard for pastures new. It has been sad to see our friends go. But hopefully it will not be much longer and we will be cruising again. It was wonderful to see Mo and Nessa again. We always have so much to natter about and yes whilst eating our meal, the topic of conversation did end up with talking about toilets. Why is it that when chatting to any boater, you always have to talk about toilets?

So we are alone once more for a few days. We know that
The Maisibert with Hilary and Andy is on its way to Market Harborough, so we will have a lovely time catching up with them. So watch this space for more news.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Success at last.

Good morning everyone.

Keith and I are very happy this morning, because at 9.00 am this morning, I recieved a phone call from the hospital to offer Keith not one but two dates on which he could have his exploritory operation. We have gone for the earlier date of the 13th May. So we will now keep our fingers crossed that this appointment does not get cancelled. We are expecting confirmation in the post within the next couple of days. It's surprising how lots of emails to different people and organisations, over the weekend can work wonders. We would like to thank everyone for their support and advice. Have a fabulous day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Cutey's

We had some very cute little visitor's to the Basin at Market Harborough this evening. Thirteen fluffy bundles and their mum. Mum was being very protective and proud of her brood. We just have to hope that they all survive.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Water Can Painting Finished

Keith today finished painting the water can he started last year by adding the name Hadar to it. This is the first time he has attempted freehand sign writing, and he is quite please with it. Previously he has only ever patched up existing sign writing. It now sits proudly alongside the other can, where it has been all winter, but without a name on it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Auction Success.

Keith and I had a successful morning at the auction. Keith bid on two lots and got both of them, which was very exciting.

The first lot was a Measham treacle-glazed kettle on a stand, " A PRESENT TO Mrs EMERY 1880" ---- 24cms, (9½").

The first of the teapots which was in the second lot is a Measham treacle-glazed teapot "MRS H MOLD, NEW END FROM MARY", 18cms, (7").

The second teapot in the second lot is also Measham "JAMES ASHWORTH SPINNERS ARMS 1881", 20cms, (8").

The third teapot in the second lot is also a treacle-glazed Measham teapot, "MR & MRS HICKMOUGH, WARRINGTON 1882", 20cms, (8").

The kettle and one of the teapots look very smart in our table cupboard in the boatman's cabin. These are our very first original Measham items and we will cherish them very much.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Red Roof and Rag Rug

Good evening.

It has been a wonderful day weather and work wise. With the sun shining from early doors, it meant that I could carry on with the boat painting.
Anyone who has a boat knows that you never stop doing work on the paintwork. To keep it looking nice you must keep on top of it. So my first task of the day was to to paint the roof. Last year I painted one end whilst in dry dock, so this morning I set about doing the other end and the handrails. Once that was done, I painted the cratch and touched up the paint around the portholes with undercoat, ready to put some gloss on tomorrow.
Whilst working on the boat, I helped to rescue a Black Labrador which had fallen off the bow of a boat moored on the Sanitary Station. The Lab was unable to get out on her own, so along with the owner, we hauled her out on to the bank. Thankfully she was absolutely fine after a rub down with a towel. I think the owner was shaken up more than the dog.
Keith had a busy day finishing off yet another Rag Rug. This one he has made for our back cabin and very nice it looks too. This is the fourth large one he has made. I think that he has the patience of a saint to sit and do Rag Rugs all day, it is not something I could do all the time, but it is keeping him busy and takes his mind off of his pain. If the hospital does not get a move on, he will have made enough rag Rugs to open his own Market Stall he he he.
With the weather set to stay nice for the next few days. I will be trying to get all of the outside paintwork up together.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Busy couple of days.

Hi Folks.

It has been a busy few days in the Market Harborough Basin. The hire boats are going out pretty much everyday now, so the holiday season has begun in.
Keith is still pretty much the same, no better and no worse. And still he waits for the hospital appointment, which will tell him he is to get his exploritory operation. Until then he has to carry on taking the pain killers.
Over the weekend Foxton had an Easter Extravaganza, where boaters and others got together for a fun weekend. Amongst those taking part in the weekend were Geraldine and Micheal on The Cheese Boat and Graham and Carol on Tia the Ecover Boat.
Yesterday Geraldine and Micheal came to Market Harborough for provisions and very kindly delivered our Cheese and Chutney order, which we were very excited about. It was so nice to see them both again. I last saw them 3 years ago, so we had plenty to chat about, whilst they waited to use the Sanitary Station. We bought Cheese and Chutney from them and they bought Coal and Toilet Blue from us. Using any of the Official British Waterways Trading Licensed boats is what will bring more Official trade to the canals of the UK, which has to be a good thing. We will see Geraldine and Micheal before they leave Market Harborough.

Last night the sky began to look very menacing over the Waterfront Restaurant, with a pink glow running through the dark clouds. It looked impressive.
Today has been a glorious day, with wall to wall sunshine. It was so nice that Keith decided to sit outside and work on his latest Rag Rug. He also got the opportunity to chat to passers-by and boaters who were looking for the office. We also had a visit from Maggie (NB Forever Young). It was wonderful to see her. Having made us all a coffee, we got down to some chatting about everything and anything. I managed to get some brass cleaning done and other jobs, in between the chatting. Even Marmite and Paddy made the most of the warm sunshine. Marmite laid out on the roof and Paddy on the back counter. We have let the saloon stove out now, as it is very warm. If it gets chilly during the evening, I can always re-light it again. We will see what the next couple of days has in store for us both.