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Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Busy couple of days.

Hi Folks.

It has been a busy few days in the Market Harborough Basin. The hire boats are going out pretty much everyday now, so the holiday season has begun in.
Keith is still pretty much the same, no better and no worse. And still he waits for the hospital appointment, which will tell him he is to get his exploritory operation. Until then he has to carry on taking the pain killers.
Over the weekend Foxton had an Easter Extravaganza, where boaters and others got together for a fun weekend. Amongst those taking part in the weekend were Geraldine and Micheal on The Cheese Boat and Graham and Carol on Tia the Ecover Boat.
Yesterday Geraldine and Micheal came to Market Harborough for provisions and very kindly delivered our Cheese and Chutney order, which we were very excited about. It was so nice to see them both again. I last saw them 3 years ago, so we had plenty to chat about, whilst they waited to use the Sanitary Station. We bought Cheese and Chutney from them and they bought Coal and Toilet Blue from us. Using any of the Official British Waterways Trading Licensed boats is what will bring more Official trade to the canals of the UK, which has to be a good thing. We will see Geraldine and Micheal before they leave Market Harborough.

Last night the sky began to look very menacing over the Waterfront Restaurant, with a pink glow running through the dark clouds. It looked impressive.
Today has been a glorious day, with wall to wall sunshine. It was so nice that Keith decided to sit outside and work on his latest Rag Rug. He also got the opportunity to chat to passers-by and boaters who were looking for the office. We also had a visit from Maggie (NB Forever Young). It was wonderful to see her. Having made us all a coffee, we got down to some chatting about everything and anything. I managed to get some brass cleaning done and other jobs, in between the chatting. Even Marmite and Paddy made the most of the warm sunshine. Marmite laid out on the roof and Paddy on the back counter. We have let the saloon stove out now, as it is very warm. If it gets chilly during the evening, I can always re-light it again. We will see what the next couple of days has in store for us both.

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Anonymous said...

Keith has got the perfect spot in that corner - such a sun trap - it was good to see you both.

Maggie. X