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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Auction Success.

Keith and I had a successful morning at the auction. Keith bid on two lots and got both of them, which was very exciting.

The first lot was a Measham treacle-glazed kettle on a stand, " A PRESENT TO Mrs EMERY 1880" ---- 24cms, (9½").

The first of the teapots which was in the second lot is a Measham treacle-glazed teapot "MRS H MOLD, NEW END FROM MARY", 18cms, (7").

The second teapot in the second lot is also Measham "JAMES ASHWORTH SPINNERS ARMS 1881", 20cms, (8").

The third teapot in the second lot is also a treacle-glazed Measham teapot, "MR & MRS HICKMOUGH, WARRINGTON 1882", 20cms, (8").

The kettle and one of the teapots look very smart in our table cupboard in the boatman's cabin. These are our very first original Measham items and we will cherish them very much.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, what a coincidence! I saw a Measham teapot yesterday at the little canal museum at Shardlow! I didn't know anything about them but Sheila, the museum curator/collector/person with loads of canal history in her head told me about it. And of course, Measham is just down the road from here. The teapot was part of a reconstruction of a traditional boatman's cabin.
Hope Keith is having less pain at the moment and that you're both enjoying the spring weather.
- Carrie x

Keith Lodge said...

Measham is an acquired taste. It is not to everyone's taste. We personally love it and have been looking forward to owning a piece of history.

Keith is about the same. At present we are managing to control his pain, but cannot wait till this appointment comes through, so that we can get on with our lives.

Hope all is good with you?

Jo x

Maureen said...

Oh Jo, I am so sorry it has been ages since I have popped by.... and so sorry to hear of Keith's health worries. I do hope he is feeling better and that he gets the treatment he needs really soon.

Your teapots are lovely! I have been catching up on your blog since the New Year; it has been far too long since I have visited! Please say Hi! to Keith for me. Take care both of you.

Maureen said...

Forgot to add; love the rag rugs Keith! I wish I lived nearby so I could purchase one! My dad makes rugs as well; he hooked a beautiful Christmas one we bring out every holiday season.

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Maureen. Please don't worry. There are so many blogs out there, it is impossible to get around to reading them all, all of the time. Keith is still waiting as you will have read. It comes to something in this day and age when you have to wait so long. But he is kept busy with his rugs. He has the patience of a saint to sit and do them 12 hours a day. They are lovely though and we hope to sell them.
Have a lovely weekend. Jo x