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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Racing at Warwick

Today we finally got the opportunity to use our annual membership of Warwick Racecourse. We would have stayed longer but my back doesn’t like me standing still for long periods and it was a bit chilly too, but we got a taster and watched 2 of the races.

One of the horses being led around the parade ring prior to the race.


The big screen either showed races from other courses, the odds for upcoming race or the whole race, which is handy when they are around the back end of the course and are unseen from the stands.


The first race we watched started just before the stands and finish line so this was their first time passing us on their way around the track.


Jumping the final fence before the finish.


And the winner is…………………. the one at the front!


I do like how the bookies these days have digital displays with the odds, much easier than chalk and blackboard.


The 2nd race at the final fence.


and the winner crosses the line.


Because we are annual members we were able to stand in the annual members section of the stand which is the white railed area in front of the Totepool office top right corner of the photo.


Next time we go we will take our telephoto lenses and see what results we get from them, but for this first time we just took our standard lenses. We returned back to the boat and we watched further races from there on Channel 4, much warmer. Open-mouthed smile