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Friday, July 30, 2010

Denham Deep Lock to Opposite Harefield Marina

Hi Friends.

We said good morning to Elaine and David on NB Patience, who passed us this morning on their way to the National Festival at Beale Park. Keith and I then enjoyed a lovely stroll around the lakes between Denham and South Harefield including the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre where Keith learnt dinghy sailing, before moving Hadar to The Horse & Barge at South Harefield, which took a whole 35mins to do 1.5miles! We are going to spend the weekend here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Uxbridge to Above Denham Deep Lock

Hi Friends.

We are now moored above Denham Deep Lock having done 0.7miles, 1 lock, in 40 mins, it was such an arduous cruise LOL. Once we moored up above the lock, we walked to the very pretty village of Denham. The village is approximately a mile from the canal. You walk through the Colne Valley Park and Golf Course. Having looked around this picturesque village, we had a coffee at The Green Man, which is right next door to yet another pub The Swan. We then took a leisurely stroll back to the boat, taking in the cafe at the Lock, where we bought some Chutney. Denham is well worth walking to, as it is an absolutely stunning little village, where many famous names have lived. Sir John Mills lived at Hills House from 1975 for 29 years.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Boathouse, Harefield to Uxbridge.

Hi Friends.

We have left the Boathouse, Harefield after a fantastic weekend. Thank you to Dave, Roger, Ed, Tim and everyone, who made us feel so welcome. Keith enjoyed catching up with the people he knew from his day's working on Pisces at the end of the 60's and early 70's. The photo below is of Keith and Tim Snowden, talking about the old days.
Pisces 75th Birthday Party went very well, with lots of people popping in to wish her a Happy Birthday.
The Bar-B-Q was busy and the drink was flowing for many hours.
We are now moored above Uxbridge Lock having done 4.1miles, 4 locks, in 2hrs 25mins this morning . We are looking forward to spending a couple of days here to go shopping and I hope to get my hair cut, if the price is right. Keith also wants to go down to the chandlery to buy some oil, so we can give Hadar an oil change. The weather seems to have taken a downward turn as it has been raining on and off. So we may not go too far this afternoon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Pisces.

Hi Friends.

Having worked hard for a couple of days with Dave, getting the Boathouse ship shape for Pisces 75th Anniversary. We moved Hadar over the canal and moored alongside Pisces, which meant a lot to Keith to see Hadar and Pisces moored side-by-side.
Yesterday afternoon the festivities kicked off, with a Bar-B-Q and lots of drink flowing. Keith enjoyed catching up with some faces from the past. Lots of memories were dragged kicking and screaming into 2010, as they recalled things from way back when. A good time was had by all as we wished Pisces a Happy Birthday with a glass of Champagne. Here's to another 75 years.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rickmansworth to above Coppermill Lock, Harefield.

We are now moored at Coppermill, Harefield opposite where Pisces moors, having done just 2.3 miles, 2 locks, in 1hr 45mins. Our first port of call this morning was Tesco's at Rickmansworth. We then set off for Coppermill. Once there and moored up we made our way over to the Hillingdon Narrowboat Association Boathouse onboard Pisces, which came across the canal to pick us up, and were immediately welcomed by Dave Wright, who owns Lupin FMC. We have offered our services for a few days to get the place ship shape for the Pisces party at the weekend, but before we got started, Dave cooked us a fab breakfast. I then got stuck into some painting, whilst Keith did some weeding. Keith was given the opportunity this afternoon to take Pisces up to just below Springwell lock, and back again to her mooring, brought back a lot of memories for him, from his days as a 15 year old working Pisces, especially reversing her back to the Stink 'ole to wind her. If only Hadar reversed like Pisces, but that was the unique thing about the original Star class boats. Having spent the afternoon with horses, we were back at base again and a well earned beer was at the top of the list of things to do. So Dave poured us all a beer, whilst tales from the past were bought up. It has been the most wonderful day. Tomorrow we are going to do it all over again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cassiobury Park to Rickmansworth.

Hi Fellow Bloggers and Readers.

We are at Rickmansworth, having done 4.1 miles, 7 locks, in 3hrs 20mins.
It was a fabulous morning for moving. We did not find anyone to share with until we reached Batchworth Lock, where Jeff and Lynda on NB Solace were waiting for us. Sadly that was where our journey was to end for the day. Because having left the lock and said cheerio to them once more, we filled up with water and emptied the cassette, found a mooring and then went into town for lunch at one of our favourite chinese buffets Tangs, 2nd cheapest we know, at £5 a head, not bad. and always yummy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fishery Inn, Boxmoor to The Grove, Cassiobury Park Watford.

We are now moored near The Grove, Cassiobury Park Watford, having done 6.2 miles, 12 locks, in 4hrs 10mins. The Grove is the ancestral home of the Earl of Essex. During the building of the Grand Junction Canal, the Earl at that time insisted on the ornate bridge 164 being built, rather than the standard canal bridge, it being his main entrance to the estate, and he wanted the canal to look more like a river, hence the 4 bends, 2 either side of the bridge.
Today we were fortunate to share the cruise and the locks with Marjorie, David and Eric on NB Constable and a good time was had by all. We are now moored up behind Barbara a fellow facebooker. It is always nice to put faces to names.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Berkhamsted to Fishery's Inn, Boxmoor.

Having left Berkhamsted on our own this morning, we are now at The Fishery Inn, Boxmoor, 3.2 miles, 11 locks, 3hrs 50mins. We wanted to moor at The Three Horses at Winkwell, but not deep enough, it was last year!

So we had a quick bite to eat and were about to set off through the Winkwell Swing Bridge when we saw NB Solace with Lynda and Jeff on board coming down through the second of the Winkwell Locks. I went and enquired as to whether they were going on down through the locks or mooring up and they said they were going on down, so I said if they did not mind sharing with us, we would join them. So we ended up going further than planned, but now have a nice shady mooring for the rest of the day. It was nice to meet Jeff and Lynda and I am sure we will see them again.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meeting fellow bloggers.

Hi Friends.

Over the years that we have been blogging, we have got to meet and greet many new friends who are also fellow bloggers. This morning we welcomed onboard Dave Winter who writes a blog and also reads lots of boaters blogs. Dave contacted us via the blog and asked if he could come and say hello whilst we were in Berkhamsted, which we were only to happy for him to do. Dave has a dream of eventually buying a boat and living on the water. My advice to Dave is to never give up with that dream. Keith had that same dream many, many years ago and he fulfilled his dream, and I came along for the ride. Dave if your reading this, it was wonderful to meet you and thank you for the gifts. The cream scones were absolutely yummy.

We have enjoyed our stay in Berkhamsted and will probably stop here again on our return journey.

After Dave left us, we got on with some brass cleaning inside and out. I also gave the boat a wash down.

There have been lots of boats moving today in both directions, which has helped to keep the water level up. Yesterday evening it went down to the point, where we were listing quite badly. This was all due to a boat coming up through the lock below and they left both bottom paddles up and one of the top paddles as well, so water was flowing freely. This was not good for us or any of the other boats moored on the pound. Keith went up to the Gas Locks to let some water down, to find that the boater had wound the bottom paddles at these locks too, fortunately without leaving one of the top ones open. I can only hope they did not do it all the way up the locks. Anyway we are back on the level again today, so all is well.

We will be off tomorrow morning for a new destination.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Beggars Lane Wharf on the Tring cutting, to Berkhampsted.

Having had a rock and roll night with the strong winds. We have made it to Berkhamsted, 3 miles, 7 locks, 2hrs 30mins, and we will be here for the weekend now. We spent a pleasant morning cruising down the locks with Neil on NB Slow and Easy. Going to enjoy a nice weekend looking around Berkhamsted.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bottom of Marsworth Pair to Beggars Lane Wharf on the Tring cutting.

We have been living onboard and cruising on Hadar for 3 years and 1 day..... Yippee.

Is now moored at Beggars Lane Wharf on the Tring cutting, 4.3miles 9 locks 3hrs 10mins. It has been a very windy morning coming up through Marsworth Flight, but nicely sheltered in the cutting now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Linslade to the bottom of the Marsworth Pair

Hi Folks.

We are now moored below lock 37, Marsworth pair, 8.7 miles, 10 locks, 5hrs 40mins. Rain was promised and although we had a few spots on route, the heavy rain forecast seems to be finding it hard to let go. Some of the pounds were a little low, so rain really is needed.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fenny Stratford to Globe Inn, Linslade

Hi Folks.

We spent a lovely day at Fenny Stratford. We walked into Bletchley and did some retail therapy and had a quiet evening on the boat, watching a DVD.
We have now arrived at The Globe Inn Linslade, 6.3 miles, 5 locks, 3hrs 25mins, we moored up, went inside the pub for lunch and the heavens opened! Now that is what I call good timing. We had a lovely cruise, but did have problems at the Soulbury 3 locks, because Hadar got grounded going into the 2nd lock due to a very, very low pound. Having allowed some water down, we were underway again and the rest of the jaunt was uneventful.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Milton Keynes to Fenny Stratford.

Hi Folks.

We said cheerio to Pam and Mac on NB Mona Lisa, before we set off . We managed to get to Fenny Stratford, 3.7miles 1hr 30mins, just as the rain started to fall heavily, excellent timing.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Cosgrove to Milton Keynes.

We are now moored near Gulliver's Milton Keynes, 7.1 miles, 1 lock, 3hrs 15mins. We will be here for the weekend now. We met the fleet of 7 working boats travelling from Paddington to Atherstone carrying gravel, trust us to meet them at a bridge 'ole!
We hope the rest of their journey is uneventful.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Stoke Bruerne to Cosgrove.

We have had a really lovely cruise to Cosgrove. 6.2miles, 7 locks, 3hrs 25mins. With wonderful weather and a pretty quiet canal, it has been a great day. We stopped at bottom Stoke Bruerne lock for some gas from Jules on Towcester, we got to have a brief chat before continuing on our way. We saw Robin and Laura on Miss Matty in passing as well, just as we came into Cosgrove. Now we are having a coffee, with the doors and windows open to a strong cooling breeze.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Bugbrooke to Stoke Bruerne.

We arrived at Stoke Bruerne yesterday after a non eventful cruise. Well pretty much uneventful. We had lunch at Spice of Bruerne, which was very nice indeed. We can totally recommend it, if you like Indian food. The last time we ate there was a year ago. After lunch we set up shop of all Keith's rag rugs, and the bits and pieces we have to sell, and we sold a few bits, not bad for a first time.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Onward to Bugbrooke.

We have now moved on to Bugbrooke. Did a small shop in the village shop, just salad stuff whilst it is still too hot to cook. We will be looking like rabbits soon, after all this lettuce. Been a long hard slog of 2 miles in 1hr 5mins (only joking). Pulled into the moorings and Hadar rode over something large, which sent us careering back out into the channel! Whatever it is, it is big and solid and just behind Hadar's stern.

This is as far as we are going today.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

High House.

Hi Folks.

Last night we had a beautiful sunset, over the top lock at Braunston. Unfortunately this photograph does not do it justice.

We are now moored at High House, having done 9 miles, 7 locks, in 5hrs 50mins. We are moored near where our friends David and Elaine on NB Patience moor.

Our morning began at 7.30am with an early cruise through Braunston Tunnel.

When we came out of the other side of the tunnel, Elaine and David were moored up with a gearbox issue. We pulled in just in front of them and realised that the ground was moving.

On closer inspection we saw dozens of tiny Froglets all making for the woods and the damp ground. It was a matter of watching where we put our feet.

Keith helped David sort out the issue with the gearbox and we were both soon on our way. Buckby Locks do not get any easier, but with some boats coming up, it did save a bit of the work.

Being a Saturday and sunny, there were lots of boats, which included the hire fleet from Gayton Junction. One such hire boat came past us, with its occupants dressed as Pirates. What got my attention even more though was the lady sitting on the back counter with her legs hanging over the edge, and her feet in the water. I shouted to her to get her feet out of the water and her legs in. This was a serious accident waiting to happen and yet she seemed totally oblivious to the dangers. Hopefully with us having pointed the danger out, she will not do that again on her boating holiday.

So here we are at High House and the only mooring available was under trees with low hanging branches. Having moored up, we got the loppers out and did a bit of gardening. The trees have now had a hair cut. At least we will not hear the branches rubbing on the roof all night. With jobs and lunch done, we walked round and had a cold drink with Elaine and David and are now back onboard Hadar watching the football.

We will probably stay here until Monday and then make a move.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Back to Braunston.

We are back at Braunston top lock again, 5.75 miles, 3hrs. We travelled up through the locks with our friends David & Elaine on nb Patience.
Elaine and David moored up behind us overnight. It was absolutely wonderful to see them again. We were cruising down to Stratford-upon-Avon with them this time last year. Like all good boaters we had a good old natter, and caught up on all their news. So this morning we thought we my as well cruise together up the locks. The rain has now stopped and the sun is now out yayyy. Elaine and David will tell you, that when ever they do Braunston Locks, it always rains.