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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meeting fellow bloggers.

Hi Friends.

Over the years that we have been blogging, we have got to meet and greet many new friends who are also fellow bloggers. This morning we welcomed onboard Dave Winter who writes a blog and also reads lots of boaters blogs. Dave contacted us via the blog and asked if he could come and say hello whilst we were in Berkhamsted, which we were only to happy for him to do. Dave has a dream of eventually buying a boat and living on the water. My advice to Dave is to never give up with that dream. Keith had that same dream many, many years ago and he fulfilled his dream, and I came along for the ride. Dave if your reading this, it was wonderful to meet you and thank you for the gifts. The cream scones were absolutely yummy.

We have enjoyed our stay in Berkhamsted and will probably stop here again on our return journey.

After Dave left us, we got on with some brass cleaning inside and out. I also gave the boat a wash down.

There have been lots of boats moving today in both directions, which has helped to keep the water level up. Yesterday evening it went down to the point, where we were listing quite badly. This was all due to a boat coming up through the lock below and they left both bottom paddles up and one of the top paddles as well, so water was flowing freely. This was not good for us or any of the other boats moored on the pound. Keith went up to the Gas Locks to let some water down, to find that the boater had wound the bottom paddles at these locks too, fortunately without leaving one of the top ones open. I can only hope they did not do it all the way up the locks. Anyway we are back on the level again today, so all is well.

We will be off tomorrow morning for a new destination.


Karen & Ian (nb Serenity) said...

We passed you today, but couldn't see anyone around. Sorry to have missed you.

Dave Winter said...

Hi both,
Thanks for your hospitality,home made cake and tea.It was great to meet you both.A lovely boat and couple.See you again sometime.
Take care,

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Karen. I bet we were around, you should have given us a hoot on the horn LOL. Oh well catch you another time.

Dave. You were most welcome.xx