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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fenny Stratford to Globe Inn, Linslade

Hi Folks.

We spent a lovely day at Fenny Stratford. We walked into Bletchley and did some retail therapy and had a quiet evening on the boat, watching a DVD.
We have now arrived at The Globe Inn Linslade, 6.3 miles, 5 locks, 3hrs 25mins, we moored up, went inside the pub for lunch and the heavens opened! Now that is what I call good timing. We had a lovely cruise, but did have problems at the Soulbury 3 locks, because Hadar got grounded going into the 2nd lock due to a very, very low pound. Having allowed some water down, we were underway again and the rest of the jaunt was uneventful.


Unknown said...

ugh! Going aground is no fun, and usually embarrassing to boot. Rosemary

Keith Lodge said...

No embarrassment, as it was due to lack of water. Hadar could not get into the middle lock of the 3, she was bottoming out on the cill of the lock, so we had to let some water down to float her in.