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Friday, July 16, 2010

Beggars Lane Wharf on the Tring cutting, to Berkhampsted.

Having had a rock and roll night with the strong winds. We have made it to Berkhamsted, 3 miles, 7 locks, 2hrs 30mins, and we will be here for the weekend now. We spent a pleasant morning cruising down the locks with Neil on NB Slow and Easy. Going to enjoy a nice weekend looking around Berkhamsted.


Dave Winter said...

Hi Keith and Jo,
I have been following your journey down and would love to say hello over the weekend.
If your out not to worry I'll just take a pic of your boat.
Take care.
Dave winter (Brassiclint)

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Dave.

You are more than welcome to come and share a cuppa with us. Not sure what our plans are for the weekend, as I have developed a sore throat grrrrrr. I will have a kettle on and the cake out just in case we should meet a fellow blogger and a blog reader. Jo.

Del and Al said...

Hi both
So lovely to see you crusing again and that you're having a great time. We also shared some locks with Neil, (he might have mentioned the family connection lol) Say Hi from us if you see him again. Take care and happy crusing. x

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Both. Lovely to hear from you. We are indeed having a lovely time.
Neil did not mention any family connection, but then we did not know that you knew him ha ha ha. I will ask if we see him again. He was stopping in Berkhamsted to meet his partner off of the train, so we may see him again sometime.

Happy Cruising. Jo xx

Dave Winter said...

Hi Keith and Joe,
Just to let you know I should be with you about 11:30am Sunday.Hope that's ok.I can only stay about 1.5hrs as I am a carer and can't be away too long.
Take care.
Dave Winter

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Dave.
That is absolutely fine, we will be around. See you in the morning.Jo

My2-i said...

that's nice .. i liked your blog and your life style .. and i enjoyed read lot of your posts .. thnx for the share of your daily experience ..

Keith Lodge said...

Hello My2. Welcome onboard. Pleased your enjoying our adventures.