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Saturday, July 03, 2010

High House.

Hi Folks.

Last night we had a beautiful sunset, over the top lock at Braunston. Unfortunately this photograph does not do it justice.

We are now moored at High House, having done 9 miles, 7 locks, in 5hrs 50mins. We are moored near where our friends David and Elaine on NB Patience moor.

Our morning began at 7.30am with an early cruise through Braunston Tunnel.

When we came out of the other side of the tunnel, Elaine and David were moored up with a gearbox issue. We pulled in just in front of them and realised that the ground was moving.

On closer inspection we saw dozens of tiny Froglets all making for the woods and the damp ground. It was a matter of watching where we put our feet.

Keith helped David sort out the issue with the gearbox and we were both soon on our way. Buckby Locks do not get any easier, but with some boats coming up, it did save a bit of the work.

Being a Saturday and sunny, there were lots of boats, which included the hire fleet from Gayton Junction. One such hire boat came past us, with its occupants dressed as Pirates. What got my attention even more though was the lady sitting on the back counter with her legs hanging over the edge, and her feet in the water. I shouted to her to get her feet out of the water and her legs in. This was a serious accident waiting to happen and yet she seemed totally oblivious to the dangers. Hopefully with us having pointed the danger out, she will not do that again on her boating holiday.

So here we are at High House and the only mooring available was under trees with low hanging branches. Having moored up, we got the loppers out and did a bit of gardening. The trees have now had a hair cut. At least we will not hear the branches rubbing on the roof all night. With jobs and lunch done, we walked round and had a cold drink with Elaine and David and are now back onboard Hadar watching the football.

We will probably stay here until Monday and then make a move.

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