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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Frankton Junction to Maesbury Marsh

 After a few sunny blue sky days, the cloud and cold wind are back again. Now moored at Maesbury.

6 miles 6 locks, in 3hrs 20mins. what3words ///stove.forgiven.bleaker 😊

Approaching Frankton top staircase lock

In the 2nd Frankton staircase lock

Leaving the staircase locks

Approaching Frankton 3rd lock

The model railway in the garden beside the canal is still there

The model railway again

Last and 4th Frankton lock

The remains of the Weston branch

Graham Palmer lock

Managed to just about capture this buzzard

Close up of the buzzard

Trees can't grow their roots through the plastic liner

Perry aqueduct

Rednal basin

Railway bridge at Heath Houses

Aston No.1 lock, I know it is, it says so on the sign

Aston No.2 lock, I know it is, it says so on the sign

Aston No.3 lock

Navigation Inn at Maesbury Marsh

Now moored at Maesbury Marsh
Keith & Jo

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ellesmere Back to Frankton Junction

 Successfully picked up my antibiotic this morning, booked our passage down Frankton locks for tomorrow morning, filled up the water tank etc at the yard. Now moored at Frankton junction just above the top lock ready to go down onto the Montgomery canal in the morning.

3½ miles 0 locks, in 2hr 15mins. what3words ///bothered.relegate.deflated 😊

View of Ellesmere yard from the boat whilst taking on water this morning

We winded at Ellesmere junction to return up the canal

The facilities moorings at the yard which we had just left

Jo photobombing my photo of a heron

Said heron

We temporarily moored between bridge 66 and 67 as we could not moor at the junction until after 1:00pm

Turning at Frankton junction onto the Montgomery canal

Now moored above the top lock at Frankton
Keith & Jo

Monday, May 29, 2023

Frankton Junction to Ellesmere

 An even  shorter trip today, now moored at Ellesmere ready to pick up my antibiotic for my Prostatitis tomorrow morning from the chemists. Had a nice surprise to see some old tractors driving through Ellesmere.

3½ miles 0 locks, in 1hr 30mins. what3words ///slurs.material.hawks 😊

Frankton junction

Towpath works

Now moored at Ellesmere opposite the yard





Keith & Jo

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Froncysyllte to Frankton Junction

 Another good day today, warm, dry, occasionally sunny. A short trip today, now moored just before Frankton junction where we enquired at the locks about going onto the Monty, which we will book for Wednesday so I can pick up my prescription Tuesday morning in Ellesmere and we can return here ready to go down Wednesday morning.

9¾ miles 2 locks, in 4hrs 15mins. what3words ///storm.timeless.masses 😊

Whitehouse tunnel

Chirk tunnel

Exiting Chirk tunnel to then go onto the aqueduct

The railway viaduct alongside the aqueduct

View east from the aqueduct

View west from the aqueduct

Leaving Wales

A hobbit hole

Approaching New Marton top lock

Approaching New Marton bottom lock

Now moored just before Frankton junction

We walked around the corner to the top lock and had a quick chat with the lock keepers about going down the Monty, we have to book online.

Keith & Jo

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Steam Train Ride and Llangollen to Froncysyllte

 What a lovely day we have had today, and not just because of the sunshine. This morning we had a trip on the steam train to Carrog and back, ploughman's lunch at the Wharf, then we said goodbye to Llangollen and set off back down the canal, now moored at Froncysyllte.

5¾ miles 0 locks, in 3hrs 5mins. what3words ///cheer.hoping.dislikes 😊

Yesterday Jo went down to the town to buy some rock, well had to really

From above Llangollen station across to the Corn Mill

The end of the line at Llangollen station

Awaiting the arrival of our engine to shunt the coaches from platform 2 to platform 1

Here it comes!

Ready to couple the coaches

Coupling to the coaches

A sheep on the platform

Llangollen signal box

In platform 1 and ready to be boarded

Glyndyfrdwy Station

Leaving Glyndyfrdwy Station

Signal box at Carrog station, end of the line at present

Closer view of Carrog signal box

Inside Carrog signal box

Carrog station

Our engine 'running round' for the return journey

Reversing back to the coaches

View out of a window on the return trip

The other side of Glyndyfrdwy Station

There was going to be a wedding party on the next train from Llangollen, I just caught the last of the bridesmaids

The wedding car, very nice

The engine running around at Llangollen station for the next trip

Ploughman's lunch at the Wharf tea rooms

Ploughman's lunch at the Wharf tea rooms

Approaching Llangollen wharf having left the basin

1st of the narrows in this direction

2nd of the narrows

Nice bit of rock for climbing

Llanddyn lift bridge

Jo walking the final narrows to stop anyone coming the other way

1st sight of Pontcysyllte aqueduct

Approaching Trevor junction

Bit busy at Trevor junction, so I had to hold in the bridge ole until it was clear for us to go

Approaching Pontcysyllte aqueduct after the turn at Trevor junction

On the Pontcysyllte aqueduct

View below the aqueduct

River Dee upstream from the aqueduct

River Dee downstream from the aqueduct

Fron lift bridge

Now moored at Froncysyllte
Keith & Jo