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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Engine and Engine Room Repaint Completed


Not just the engine has been repainted, the starter motor in foreground and the shelving covering the generator and calorifier in the background.



The day tank in the background and the steps to the right and the engine room floor have also been repainted.



We think the repainted engine manufacturer’s name stands out more than before. I wonder what has to be painted next?


Monday, June 23, 2014

12v Motorized Valves

When I replumbed the calorifier to the back boiler I installed two stop cocks to isolate the calorifer during the summer when the back boiler is not in use. This has worked fine so far, but as they are not at the most accessible place I have been looking out for a pair of 12v motorized valves. Recently I f0und some on eBay at £10.55 each plus postage. They come from China so took a few days to arrive.

Motorized Valve

They do require  four 15mm – ½” couplers at £5.54 each plus postage from RS to convert the valves ½” female connection to 15mm push fit.


I installed them Friday after we took the engine room shelves out and before Jo started painting the engine. I have left the two stop cocks in as back-ups. This morning I wired them up.

Circuit Diagram

The valves do require a double pole double throw toggle switch courtesy of Maplins at £2.79 plus postage to operate them.


These valves automatically shut off once the valve is either fully open or fully closed.

Once I completed this successfully, Jo then removed the engine room steps and painted them, then painted the day tank, and then painted the engine room floor.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Engine Repaint 2


The flywheel guard resplendent in it’s new coat of bright red.



The alternator guard, in the new darker green to match the engine. Jo has also painted over the brass ventilation grills, less to have to polish.



Originally the name on the rocker cover had the background painted green, but the lettering was left unpainted. Jo and I have always thought this didn’t make it stand out.



The rocker cover name background in the darker shade of green and the lettering primed ready.



The lettering now painted red, which we feel looks a lot better. We will post photos of the repaint of the engine when it is finished and the engine fully reassembled.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

More Bayko Creations.



Extended detached house with garage and summerhouse.



Country club with Café and shop.




Small Mansion.




Seaside Pier.

More information about the history of Bayko, parts available, etc. can be found at the following websites:-


Friday, June 20, 2014

Engine Repaint

Jo and I stripped down Hadar's engine today ready to be painted.



Friday, June 06, 2014

Duck Pen 2

The duck house has now been fitted to the duck pen.



Duck Pen

Yesterday Jo and I assisted Tony to move the duck pen he has been constructing. Here it is in it’s final stage of preassembly. SAM_0323

We then moved it from it’s place of construction, onto the Trust’s workboat and then transported it across the arm and helped Tony install it against the leisure moorings pontoon, opposite Hadar’s bow.


It just needs the duck house to be fitted to complete it, and of course the new ducks which will live in it temporarily as they become accustomed to their new home, before they are released into the arm.