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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Red Roof and Rag Rug

Good evening.

It has been a wonderful day weather and work wise. With the sun shining from early doors, it meant that I could carry on with the boat painting.
Anyone who has a boat knows that you never stop doing work on the paintwork. To keep it looking nice you must keep on top of it. So my first task of the day was to to paint the roof. Last year I painted one end whilst in dry dock, so this morning I set about doing the other end and the handrails. Once that was done, I painted the cratch and touched up the paint around the portholes with undercoat, ready to put some gloss on tomorrow.
Whilst working on the boat, I helped to rescue a Black Labrador which had fallen off the bow of a boat moored on the Sanitary Station. The Lab was unable to get out on her own, so along with the owner, we hauled her out on to the bank. Thankfully she was absolutely fine after a rub down with a towel. I think the owner was shaken up more than the dog.
Keith had a busy day finishing off yet another Rag Rug. This one he has made for our back cabin and very nice it looks too. This is the fourth large one he has made. I think that he has the patience of a saint to sit and do Rag Rugs all day, it is not something I could do all the time, but it is keeping him busy and takes his mind off of his pain. If the hospital does not get a move on, he will have made enough rag Rugs to open his own Market Stall he he he.
With the weather set to stay nice for the next few days. I will be trying to get all of the outside paintwork up together.

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