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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Successful Nose Operation

Tuesday afternoon I had my nose operation at Warwick Hospital. The procedure is called Septoplasty.  The procedure usually involves a judicious excision/realignment of a portion of the bone and/or cartilage in the nasal cavity. My procedure was conducted under general anaesthesia, the surgeon worked through the left nostril, making an incision in the lining of the septum to reach the bone/cartilage targeted in the operation. Sufficient bone/cartilage is preserved for structural support whilst removing enough to afford the nasal passage to be larger and thus to remove the restricted airflow. After the septum was straightened, the nasal passage was blocked with a temporary gel pack which dissolves in time, to allow the wound to heal without interference from breathing, mucous production and sneezing.

I was supposed to only stop in over night, but they kept me in for 2 nights due to the nasal bleeding, especially the bleeding from the right nostril, which wasn’t supposed to happen, but this all stopped during Wednesday and the doctor was happy for me to go home Thursday morning when he checked it was all ok.

It has been uncomfortable as both nostrils started off to be blocked, and I could not blow my nose, breathe through my nose or especially sneeze, which I do a lot normally, but I have to make sure that when I do sneeze I only do it through my mouth. I have had to breathe through my mouth which dried my mouth out.

I have some spray that is French sea water, which is supposed to help clean the nasal passages. Today I can actually now breathe through both nostrils which is a bit more comfortable, although there is still some discomfort around the nasal area, hardly surprising considering what has been done.

I am looking forward to being actually able to breathe through it more easily than I was, which is why I opted to have the operation. I didn’t have to have the operation, in fact my GP said I could just leave it and live with it, but fortunately operations do not scare me and I would rather have it, than suffer as I was.



Les Biggs said...

Hi Keith
Another step in the right direction.
I don`t blame you for having the op as you might as well have some discomfort that leads to a better quality of life.
A big hi! to Jo.

Keith Lodge said...

Hello Les, Despite the slight inconvenience at present I am sure it was the correct decision, I will know when I can finally blow my nose, such a simple pleasure!

Keith Lodge said...

I am also considering have the right nostril done, I will ask the consultant who did the surgery when I see him in August, see if he thinks it needs doing too.