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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Braunston to Rugby

This morning we left Braunston at 8:25am. Moored at Boughton Park, Rugby, at 12:30pm, 4hrs 5mins,     3 locks. /// 

Dull start this morning but the sun soon came out.

We soon passed Amy Jack A Max as we left Braunston

Swans and their cygnets

The stables area improves every time we see it

The Royal Oak at Hillmorton is now The Waterside

The new houses at Hillmorton where the radio masts were are going up

At Hillmorton locks we passed Warbler

Canal Chef at Hillmorton locks

Grantham's bridge at Hillmorton locks

The new road bridge giving access to the new housing estate was being built last time we passed under

Moored at Boughton Park, Rugby

After lunch we did a food shop at Tesco's


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