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Friday, September 13, 2019

Alvecote to Glascote to Alvecote Marina, 4.2 miles no locks

Well that was a trip and a half!

We set off this morning to Glascote, winded at the winding hole, moored up and walked to Aldi for a food shop.
Everything fine so far, we returned to Hadar, and set off back to Alvecote, but we didn't get far.
We had to stop as the ignition light was on.
The starter alternator fan-belt had died.
Not a great problem as we carry spares of all our fan-belts.
But did have to take the engine water cooling pump off, and loosen the domestic alternator to remove their fan-belts to be able to fit the new starter one!
Soon sorted and off again.
Now moored in Alvecote Marina for the weekend.


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