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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tibberton to Hanbury Wharf

A short run in distance, but it took 1hour 35mins due to the shallowness of the cut, prop was turning mud all the way, definitely needs dredging. We arrived at Hanbury Wharf and moored outside the "Eagle & Sun", and after chatting to some boaters moored here at the junction, we had lunch in the "Eagle & Sun" with John and Sheila on Solitaire, who we have got to know since they first moored next to us at Diglis. After lunch we said cheerio to them as they are continuing up the Worcs & Birm, we walked down the junction canal to find the local BW man Tom, but at the new staircase locks we met some BW workers doing some final touchs ready for tomorrow. According to them we should be able to come down tomorrow, so we are looking forward to this, I doubt I will sleep much tonight with anticipation. We never did find Tom, a man of mystery in these parts, well the parts we keep looking in.


Having posted this earlier we have since found out that the Droitwich Junction Canal will be open from 10:00am tomorrow morning.


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Pip said...

Just a couple of days behind you now Jo, maybe we might catch up.
Pip & Roger