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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alternator Sorted, Hopefully.

Amazing thing the internet. I searched out the alternator manufacturer, Prestolite, and from their website I found the nearest distributor, Allspares, contacted them, they had one in stock, brilliant. When we got to Greensforge lock I went and asked 2 BW workmen sitting in their van if they were local to the area, they said no, but the man behind the van was, so I asked him if he knew anywhere in Kidderminster that could do work on an alternator. He did know of somewhere, but had to make a quick phone call as he couldn't remember the company name. Call made and it was C.A. Stone. A search on titnernet, and I had their phone number. Yes they could remove and fit the pulley and take delivery of the new alternator for me. Job done!!

A very happy Keith.

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