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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogging Friend.

Yesterday we had a very welcome visitor. Lesley off of NB Caxton (CLICK) came and paid us a visit, with her dogs Floyd and Fletcher.Lesley and Joe are also moored in Stourport Basin and have taken a mooring for 6 months, whilst they have another boat built. (CLICK). It was so nice to chat to Lesley face to face, because we have only ever seen Caxton in passing. I do enjoy putting names to faces and as Lesley is a fellow blogger, it was wonderful to chat about all things boatie and yes it did include loo's. Whilst we whiled away an hour we watch people coming and going from the sanitary station. The most noticeable coming and going was the hotel boats Oak and Ash. They were being turned around after watering up one boat. The steerer soaked everyone within reach with his prop wash and then went on to bellow instructions at his crew member and other boaters who he seemed to think were in his way. It was a joy to meet Lesley and the doggies and we wish them well with their new adventure. I am sincerely hoping we get to see them out and about on their new boat Yarwood.


Also today Brian on nb Kyle arrived at Stourport, and we joined him and some of his friends for a drink at the Angel on the river front.


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