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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Severn Valley Railway

Jo and I have had a very pleasant day on the Severn Valley Railway today. We walked through Kidderminster to the railway station, where we bought our tickets and boarded the waiting train. On the journey there we saw this amazing poppy field.

We stayed on the train all the way to Bridgnorth, where we got off and had lunch in the refreshment room at the station before heading into the town for a wander around. We then caught the next train back but got off at Highley to have a cup of coffee at the new Engine Shed before wandering around the shed looking at the engines, coaches and wagons on display. This photo is the signal box at Highley.

This is a British Railways 9F engine at Bridgnorth. The very last steam engine to be built by British Railways was a 9F and was named Evening Star, and was also painted in green livery, which was really meant for express passenger engines and not freight engines like this.

This is the engine, a 5F, which had hauled the train we were on from Bridgnorth to Highley as it was leaving Highley station heading to Kidderminster.

As we were having our coffee at the Engine Shed at Highly this GWR Manor class Erlestoke Manor, No.7812, came chuffing up into Highley station from Kidderminster. This is the same class of engine as the large engine I built for my model railway, which is Fringford Manor No.7814.

And her she is again with an excellent rake of British Railways Custard & Cream coaches in tow.



captainblighty said...

Hi Ken You both look like you are enjoying your train journey was it expensive have a great weekend look out for you if you travel through Birstall "captainblighty"

captainblighty said...

Hi Kieth and Jo I called you Ken in my comments sorry

Keith Lodge said...

Hello Fred, try a third time, it is Keith.

You can find all the info you require on the Severn Valley Railway on the internet, at

captainblighty said...

Thank you Keith will look it up great day this morning deck chairs out sunbathing