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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparationd for the River

This morning I wanted to do 2 things, first check the prop and second get the anchor out ready.

I am glad I checked the prop as there was a bicycle inner tube wrapped around it with the usual assorted bits of plastic bags, string, etc. which was trapped by the inner tube. All nice and clear before setting off down the river.

Jo dug out the anchor, chain and warp from under all the bags of kindling in the hold. I attached the warp to the T-stud, and then attached the chain to the warp, and finally the chain to the anchor. We are trying something different this time. When we were on the River Thames 3 years ago, we had all the warp and chain on the deck, but this time I have stowed it in the front locker, with just the end of the warp coming out to the T-stud, and the chain to the anchor. Also previously we had the anchor standing vertically against the cratch board, this time we have it laid on top of the front locker hatch.

Another walk around town to see the shops we missed yesterday, especially the aquatic shop, some lovely fish in there. We can both picture what Marmite would be doing if we had an aquarium with fish in it, she would be polishing the glass with her paws, day and night!


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