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Sunday, March 15, 2020

BCN Clean-up

Great weekend with great company on the BCN Clean-up.
Saturday morning we were bussed to Ocker Hill Tunnel branch, our base of operations for the whole weekend. 
Our group (there were 2 groups) walked to the top of Ridgeacre locks on the Walsall Canal, and started grappling from the top lock to the bottom lock.

Jo's catch of the day, the cast iron wheels were worth saving.

The big problem with this section of canal is the Asda trolleys.

Especially in the vicinity of this footbridge which crosses the canal from the Asda car park.

We pulled out 39 shopping trolleys here!

Loading them on to the work boat Hawne.

I helped Hawne down through the locks.

We had to be careful that nothing caught on the side of the lock and didn't fall in!

Hawne being unloaded by the grab truck back at Ocker Hill tunnel branch, where we enjoyed a sandwich lunch.
In the afternoon we tackled a section of the Walsall canal halfway between Tame Valley junction and Walsall Town arm. We had a bit of trouble with local kids, so we abandoned the site for safety reasons.

Sunday morning Jo decided to stay back at the Stables to help Maria as her ribs and sternum were hurting. We tackled the 1st section of the Tame Valley canal starting from the Tame valley junction, by going up the towpath on one side of the canal, we crossed over at one of the bridges, and back down the other side.

Loading the C&RT work boat.

Following lunch today everyone has now left the Stables, bar one other boat, so we are now relaxing.


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