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Monday, March 09, 2020

Catherine de Barnes to Birmingham, 11.4 miles, 25 locks, 1 tunnel in 7hrs 35mins

What a day!
Started off fine, until we got to Camp Hill top lock.

The pound below the lock was empty when we arrived. 
By the time I got to here Jo had started to fill it.

Jo doing her lock gate hopping.

Bordesley junction at the bottom of Camp Hill locks.

Approaching the stop gates at Digbeth.

Ashted bottom lock.

The pound above was empty also.

But fortunately there was a C&RT man on hand to help run some water down for us.

Ashted tunnel.

Ashted top lock, we stopped in the lock to clear the blades and to have some lunch.

Something tells me this may be Barkers Bridge?

The monstrous Snow Hill railway viaduct arch.

1st time I passed under here in 1971 it was being built!

Now moored opposite The Arena Birmingham.


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